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The Coffee Drinkers
Digital Art

When you know that caffeine can trigger anxiety, but you still take it anyway...

About the work

This is the first work for my 'Coffee' series. The series will be about, well, coffee, and how I think of them. I do think these are relatable for coffee drinkers. You know, the jittery effects, palpitations, brain boost, etc. I love coffee and its effects on me that much that I'm making a series about it.

Some of you might be familiar with this work. I made this one originally, which was an acrylic on paper work.

The Coffee Drinkers.jpg

The Coffee Drinkers, acrylic on paper.

I love this work so I decided to make a digital version of it. You know digital version is just really different from a traditional one. You can see the differences with the brush strokes right away. The thing that I like in digital is that I can make it move and it made the work more interesting.





The Coffee Drinkers still.jpg

This was tokenized on Makersplace for an edition of 1.
You can view it here.


Coffee has become a part of my life and I dob't think I'd be wanting to let it go! :)

Yeah I feel when it's in a digital form you can be able to add more expressions to it than when it's in traditional form, although the traditional form allows one to really focus on the beauty of the art. Well this is just what I think.
I'm not really a coffee drinker but the movable part of the art suggests a kind of adrenaline rush to the brain and well the various colours also shows that it can have it's side effects.

It's a beautiful piece @hiddenblade wow is this the whole series?

Each has their own beauty and its own difficulties lol. Yeah haha. Personally it gives me an energy boost and concentration boost but then this gets drained quickly.

Thank you! yes, will have other works about it :D

I love this work and the overall theme!

This reminds me of the very first film ( for lack of a better word ) by David Lynch, my inspiration as a filmmaker.

I had to look up the title: 'Six Men Getting Sick' (1966).

It was more like a moving painting than a film but that's how he started out making movies ( due to seeing a painting of his move in the wind )

I have been drinking coffee for 20 to 25 years and have been trying to break this habit recently, as I finally realized how much it affects my mood, makes me overthink, fearful, stressed and so on.

I'm now, once again on a break, 3 days so far ( and didn't feel great yesterday and the day before, today is okay ), as my return to Portugal a week ago ( and the good coffee they serve here ) made it tempting to start drinking coffee daily again.

I said it before and I'll say it again:

Amazing work! I love your style :<)

I haven't seen that piece of art yet but I can see how you're reminded of it. But oh wow that work is so stunning! I love it!! Thanks for sharing the film, I'm inspired :3

as I finally realized how much it affects my mood, makes me overthink, fearful, stressed and so on.

Yeah relate. That inspired me to make this series as I also experience these but still love it hahah! I was even banned with drinking coffee by my therapist once, but after I felt okay I went back to drinking. Good thing I'm not addicted to it tho.

Glad to hear your progress! My therapist said it takes 21 days to break a habit. I hope your withdrawal symptoms aren't that bad tho. Hmm, does a decaffeinated coffee work? lol

I can't deny that I like coffee, but sometimes I don't drink it, it's normal (I'm not 100% vicious).

Excellent work.I like it a lot and you are very right about the digital and traditional version, personally I prefer the digital one.

This meme sums it up.


Hahahah! So true!!

Uuuuu almost hypnotising, I like the vibrant colours, they go well together.

My father drinks coffee as water, my friends anyway, I had a boyfriend whose parents owned a coffee farm here in Venezuela. I have lived surrounded by coffee but I have never known how to appreciate it until now, and the truth I have not felt its best effects but when I saw the image I remembered one day one year ago I was cheated with a happy brwonie ... it was an ethereal day and unfortunately my thoughts had no colors ahaha I was not prepared for it.

Drawing is always drawing and a technique is needed, but the computer gives you other possibilities, especially for color.

Jean Giraud

For some reason since I was a child I am not very fond of bitter flavors, for example, dark chocolate (with more than 60% of cocoa) I disliked it very much, coffee was for me in the same category. But, in Venezuela, those two are a kind of aphrodisiac hahaha coffee is revered more than anything. So recently I have decided to understand why it is so, I thought many times that there was something wrong with my palate.

I discovered that I did not know how to consume them before, they are delicate foods and you have to consume them the same way. I have been gaining respect and discovering a rich flavor, but, just when I decide to introduce them more into my life, the doctors tell me that it does a lot of damage to my stomach xD , so, little by little.

I think you are right, I know that coffee is prepared in a thousand ways and I have not ventured into many of them

HAHAHA I really don't know that about colors, but that's they say to sell it to me. That terrible time I just remember they happily saying to me "let it flow and enjoy it" xD

Haha coffee has benefits if you drink it regularly. So you just drink it because you like the taste? Hmm, maybe someday you'll be able to make the coffee according to how you like it best to get the best effect for you :D
Hahaha wow I've never tried that happy brownie, but is it really supposed to give you colors? hahah

I agree with the quote below :D

I don't drink coffee. 😂

Nice but why still drinking? Just because sa na adik nas lasas kape?

Lami man ang coffee jud, ganahan ko sa lasa haha pero di nako ma consider akong sarili na adik sa coffee... kanang to the point na naay withdrawal symptoms pag di maka kape. Di man nuon ko ana. Ganahan ko sa effects niya sa akong mind kay ma alert, tapos mu paspas ang heartbeat, etc haha

hahaha daghana ba..ganahan sd kos lasa but nag limit nako ky basin og madaot ko..hahaha

Ay oo limit jud, maski ako naga limit ko kay pag strong ang brew grabe akong palpitations hahah

Lahi sad akoa ky og makainum kog sobra og kape feeling nako mogwapo ko unya ma confidence ko. Ambot naadaot an sigurog hunahuna.hahahahahah

I started drinking coffee only recently, I still prefer strong black tea :)
I drink coffee very slowly and mostly the turkish coffee, I think instant coffee was triggering my anxiety and palpitations.

I haven't tried a strong black tea. :o With the 'strong', does it mean it can also give quite similar effects to coffee? I have the same experience with instant coffees! I stopped drinking instant for the same reason and just switched to brewing my own coffee and it works wonders. I think it's the too much sugar content of instant coffees that's triggering it.

Although now I can still get palpitations with brewing, but at least I can control how strong I can brew it, how much sugar, etc.

I realized yesterday why my palpitations might be gone :) I started doing 10min intensive workouts every other day. However it might be just a big coincidence.

oh also I'm making black ice tea and it's awesome. Keep in fridge after cooled and you can add various flavors. Lately I add fresh lemon and ginger (while it's hot) (I plan to add fresh fruits next but not in boiling water). I love pre-flavored black teas like mango taste, but those are more expensive and only sold in tea shops here.

Green tea has caffeine too, but usually less. Matcha tea has more since you drink green tea powder.

Yes, but watch out different black teas have different caffeine content unfortunately the only way to know is to try a regular cup first. English breakfast usually has high caffeine content (I even experienced tunnel vision from too making it strong), the cheap black tea I drink now seems to have low caffeine content :) There is also english afternoon tea or something like that, it has lower caffeine. I drink loose leaf teas, so I can control the strength, I don't like bag ones.

brewing my own coffee

That's what we call turkish coffee here, ^^