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RE: Happy Little Clouds- Exploring Interests

in OnChainArt2 months ago

Hi! Amazing the process of creation, I find the post very cute and inspiring. Every artist has their way to create. Love all your clouds!!

I'm just have a question, what is the dragon head winners? 😅


Thank you very much!! :D
Hahaha have you heard of NFT Showroom? you automatically have an account with hive, but you need keychain to login.
I tokenize dragons heads which I mostly gift to people in my blog and pixelart community for engaging with comments <3
Sent you 1 just now :D image.png

Ooohh is a drawing? So amazing! Thank u... I'm going to watch it...

Ooh! I feel I'm in love with this dragon! Thank u! 💜😍😁