Chibi Character #3! Japanese Street Food Inspired Chibi!

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Hewow! I am back with the chibis! This time, it is @wittyzell 's turn!

A little back story with Witty!

I knew of Witty when I joined the @hiveph Discord server. She did not notice me or maybe just ignored me because I am new on the server, haha! Aha, she is one of the staff. I was confused at first because should staff be accommodating? Haha. The people in the server were so freaking cold. In the back of my mind, "These people are ultra boring."

So, yeah, every day I try to interact with the peeps. One day, I dropped a message on the wrong channel. Witty then chatted back with the hashtag "strict". Gosh, this person is very snob, haha! But I do understand that it is her job to check the server, and if rules are followed.

So fast forward, as I stay longer on the server, I knew of Witty more. She is very helpful, smart, pretty, and funny too! We jive easily because we have common interests such as anime and Japanese stuff.

Some day, I will visit Japan and meet Witty! Yipeee~


I asked her to send me some references for her chibi character. Here's what she sent me!


For the hairstyle, she chose the character from Fairy Tail Ezra. She requested her Chibi to be holding street food such as dango, sprinkled choco banana, mallows and strawberry.

I got excited creating her Chibi because of the food, haha~

I skipped sketching the character because I am so used to making chibis in this style. I just trust my muscle memory at this point, Yaaaah! I do not claim that I perfected this style already. It is just my lazy bum~



I color picked the red/maroon color from the reference for the hair. I like how the red and brown mixture. I might save this color palette, ~mehehe. I try to copy the bangs as much as in my style too.

Witty chose a simple, black hoodie for the clothing. (Buti na lang para di ako mahirapan haha, charot!)

Flat colors


The green background compliments the hair and the black hoodie. I took time looking for the perfect shade of green though in this part. Yay~ we are getting there!

Details~ details~


Of course, the signature two lines, one dot shine for the hair. The pinkish blush just below the eyes. I added some lashes to make the chibi more feminine. Added shadings of the skin, just a bit darker to make it appear that it has a little bit of dimension.

Final art


Adding the foodums, and the pink circles on the background.

I added some shapes on the background so that it will not be just a plain color.

The dango, sprinkled choco banana, and mallows and strawberry make the chibi character complete UWU!
I actually searched for more references to make the food accurate.


I finished the whole process in just about 40 minutes. Sent it to Witty and I am glad that she liked it! Yey~ The chibi suits her well!

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JMpng copy.png

Software: MediBang Paint
Check out their website here!

That is it for this article. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


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Haha reminds me too I also have some fault of pasting my link in the "promotion" channel. She warned me and yeah smooth strict I guess. 🤣

Yiee Chibbi The Marites NFT Collection is coming to real life 🤣.

I do not like to call it The Marites NFT haha. It does not match the cuteness 😆 Oh, you were a victim back then too? Haha poor us.

Bwahahahahahaha ang strict talaga ni witty, sino ba yan 🤣

😆😂🤣 this made me laugh! You have a lot of personality Jiji. And, of course, talent. Your chibis are super cute! 🧡

Thanks, Emanate! More chibis to come! Have a nice day! 🎶

Hahahahaha! OMG What a snob you are, @wittyzell! Ayyy it’s me pala 😂😂
Weeee! Thank you for this @jijisaurart!! I really really like it! It’s so me (though my bf says otherwise 🥲)!
I really like the color of my hair here, soon, I’ll really make this color my hair. Actually getting there, but still looks black 😅

I’m officially chibi-fied by jiji!🥳

See you soon in Japan! Pakibilisan para mag meet na and gala of course! 😉

Andddd wait, there’s more!
Na repeat mo ung explanation sa hairstyle nyahaha!

Your bf just wants to tease you but in his eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Yiieee.

Haha, I already edited it, sankyu!

Bwahahaha 🤪🤢

Strict tlaga yan si @wittyzell. Hahaha. Pero mabait at very helpful at very smart din. Ang cute ng chibi!

Change name to Wittystrict, haha!

Solomot po! 🥰

Hooooy 😂😂😂
I don’t want to change my name 😂😂

Hahahaha! Mommy rome naman eee 😂

My gosh! Never ceased to amaze us. You have such a big talent in digital arts and I know your career will bloom in the next five years. I think for the next Chibi blog, it would be me now right? Just kidding!

More Chibi to draw and create.

You are the next chibi blog. I am contemplating if I am going to post it because back story will be empty as I do not recall knowing you....cheret!!! 😆 You're next Denden!

Pain. Perhaps I should submit my resume for you to know my basic info. Just kidding. Im excited for that miss Jiji

Galing talaga nito hihi ang kukyut ng mga chibi na nagawa mo jij!! 😍😍

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Ang cute! Ano kaya Kung lahat tayo sa hivePh ganyan picture hahaha

I was confused at first because should staff be accommodating? Haha. The people in the server were so freaking cold. In the back of my mind, "These people are ultra boring."

In defense to this hahah. Most of the time prior to everyone's arrival the server is just a ghost town with few names popping in and out. So we are kinda not sure if we will invest much on the emotional side ( takot iwan yarn)

So fast forward, as I stay longer on the server, I knew of Witty more. She is very helpful, smart, pretty, and funny too!

Witty da best talaga!

These images are cool Jiji! hopefully they will be minted na as NFT in Hive. Pag gumawa ka ng collection tapos via Hive ang bayad let me know hehe mag purchase din ako. ( kung mura)

Staff are scared of being ghosted, huh. 😆

Yeah, witty witz is the best!

I just checked the NFT showroom and I might mint there. I'm just looking here and there for now. For you I'll make it free, don't pay na lang haha.

Yeah so medyo iwas pa ang iba sa mga bago and less interaction talaga.

For you I'll make it free, don't pay na lang haha.

Wow shocks naman - gooww dyan.

Snob ka daw uh, @wittyzell. Basta si Adam yung makulit since nung first day. Di ako na boring sa convo niyo palagi. Hahaha. Ang cutiee ng chibis, kay dennnmarc di nasama?

Hahaha! Kaya nga eh, ang snob naman ng @wittyzell na yarn 😂

tama. cute yan si @wittyzell

Nice artwork