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Cookeina Speciosa, or Orange Cup Fungus. Mushroom n°7 of the collection.
Collectible available on NFT Showroom.


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I mean, it's kind of the same process for all the previous mushrooms I did, you're probably bored as HELL with that process part of things. So let's skip that, I'll tell ya a random story.

So this dude is running through the jungle, right? Behind him, a bunch of really really hungry and angry tigers he managed to piss off by intruding on their territory. He's dead scared and running his lungs out toward what he thinks is a clearing. He runs, runs, runs and just when he reaches the edge of the trees, he realizes that the clearing is in fact a cliff falling straight on a 10m fall. He manages to catch on some roots though, hanging from the cliff, and just start stabilizing himself on the rock.

(picture to pretend that it's about the art)
cupshroom ao.png

So now, this dude is hanging on a cliff, holding on some roots that are slowly but ultimately breaking apart. On top of him, a meter above, a bunch of pissed off tigers are trying to catch him and are roaring at him. At the bottom of the cliff, a snake nest, full of really venenous cobras. The fall would probably break both of his legs, before he'd get covered in snake bites and die.

Up is death, bottom is death, and his anchor to life, the roots, are almost broken.

That's when the dude realizes, in front of him, between the rocks of the cliff, there's a bee hive dripping in honey.

He reaches his hand, grabs some honey, the bees completely ignore him. He brings it to his mouth and eat it, and you know what?

It tasted freaking delicious.


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