Hive on Mars - Art tokenized on NFT Showroom

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hivespace compo2.png

The only thing that will survive on Mars.

Art tokenized on NFT Showroom.


Get it uncompressed here!

hivespace nft.png



I did the thing where I take an old model and do some stuff to it until the thing is kinda looking like the kind of stuff I like to do. Then I added some thingies to the stuff I already played with, changed a few things, added some emission shaders to the main stuffs and a glassy thing to the stuff things.

Then I played with denoising the whole thing at low definition, to get an effect on the stuff that makes it look like a painty thing, which I enjoyed.

More stuff, more things, and done.


I was planning to join nodevember with a mind on painty style nodes... nice idea your use of denoising, found some experiments in this direction on twitter also, are you on twitter btw?

!discovery 25

Yeah denoising can end up looking really dope, and it varies a lot depending on which denoising engine you use (at least on Blender) and the sample count.
I am not on Twitter no, i just dont see the point of it beside the noise!

I see what you mean... but i just stumbled upon this cyberpunkday event there, and i think for a curious mind like mine it can be inspiring ;)

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wow. great job my dear friend! I really like

Thanks so much :D

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