Well they definitely look like they're posing for magazine covers there XD and then you turned them into a nice wallpaper :)

Oh mentioning Warframe that reminds me, eldest has gotten back into it recently in a massive way and his favourite frame is the Gauss (is that its name or model type? o_O and I don't remember what the other question you asked me at the same time was).

As always, thanks a lot for the comment, Ry! \o/

Oh, I have Gauss, it's a speed frame, one of the few in game. It's very fun to play with. He's so fast, the screen gets distorted when using his abilities and I usually end up stuck in a corner, missing the door. XD

Oh, I think the other question was about the MR (Mastery rank) in the game. ;)

I'll try to remember to ask him about that when he wakes up (and probably at some point before or after yelling about him playing too much as he's being a brat and not doing his work), and then try to remember to answer the next time I see you posting about Warframe ;D

Nah, don't worry about it. ;)
I don't want to sound irresponsible, but playing games is good most of the times. It's a nice break in between work, at least for me. ;)

I don't mind him playing or even playing for excessive hours. Only when he refuses to do stuff he needs to do because he'd much rather play instead XD