"Elon praying for Bitcoin" - physical acrylic painting made with spatula

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Hey guys,

today I wanna show you a newly minted NFT "Elon praying for Bitcoin" on Rarible (yes i tried out Rarible and its awesome just the gas fees are a little bit high ;)

"Elon praying for Bitcoin"


link: https://rarible.com/token/0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5:754555:0x7bb080b9bf897e214a54738a126bc1d525ea77be

The artwork in progress:

IMG_2649 (2).jpg

IMG_2652 (2).jpg

IMG_2654 (2).jpg






Its a handmade portrait of Elon.
My thoughts to it: A praying Elon for Bitcoin, What does this mean for Bitcoin? Modern Art, created on April 5, 2021, minted on April 7, 2021.
The neon color was applied with a spatula (its a physical portrait). It is a close focused portrait with expressive acrylic colours. It also exist "not digitally". This artwork is unique and available only once, 1/1.

Feel free to check it out and give me your feedback below my post with a vote or comment, i love to know what you think about my work!

I am not verified so far but i did a request and i am shure i will be verified soon.

If you like my art check out my
opensea account: artofbtc (link: https://opensea.io/accounts/ArtofBtc)
insta: artofbtc
and twitter: art_ofbitcoin

If you do digital art too lets connect (if not of course also gladly) and leave me your twitter or insta account name in the comments :)


Really love the expressive colors!

thank you yeah neon colours are amazing :)

That looks so epic, the art bug has really bit you abs getting the most out of your creativity

One day I can be one of your nude models to paint lol

thank you :) yeah i love painting with spatula
hahaha for shure i would paint you ;)

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Haha! Good one! Melon Flasc begging for BTC.

Exceptional art!
I love it!
You're very gifted!

thank youu ! Love doing elon art ;)))