LA Zoo - oil painting

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LA Zoo
Homage to Bragg
Oil on panel
50x40 cm

Normally i don't like to paint from photos, but i liked this image so much that i wanted to paint it for me.
i didn't use any preliminary drawings, grids or a projector.
It's not as good as I would like it to be, but I've learned a lot from it.
Thanks master Bragg! 🙏💖



I had some help from Timo!😄
Timo is my new cat, found him 2 weeks ago on the street, emaciated and starved.
I will maybe post about it soon.


Thanks everyone! <3


Beautiful 🥰

Amazing looks real good

Thank you!

What great colors, it's a nice mix of greens highlighting the fauna of the work, it's a beautiful job.

Thank you!😊

I have not checked in for a while, dear Vesna, but I seen this work on WhatsApp - you should let me know when you post here so I can upvote! Love this piece, excellent work! I reblogged it and sharing on Twitter:

Danke Otto! 🙏😊 LG!

very beautiful Vesna!

Thanks so much Romanie!😘

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SOOOO SCHÖN!!!! Alle schauen so süss drein 😍

Danke dir!😘



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