A Black Panther- Art Process

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Hi guys! This is my contribution to the auction that will happen later today to raise funds for disaster relief. More info here and anyone is welcome to join:

1303834242980298752 I tokenized this on Rarible, but you can dm pan_danil for any questions for how to donate your nft art. (I'm not sure if NFT showroom is included). twitter metadata:cGFuX2RhbmlsfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL3Bhbl9kYW5pbC9zdGF0dXMvMTMwMzgzNDI0Mjk4MDI5ODc1MiAgSSB0b2tlbml6ZWQgdGhpcyBvbiBSYXJpYmxlLCBidXQgeW91IGNhbiBkbSBwYW5fZGFuaWwgZm9yIGFueSBxdWVzdGlvbnMgZm9yIGhvdyB0byBkb25hdGUgeW91ciBuZnQgYXJ0LiAoSSdtIG5vdCBzdXJlIGlmIE5GVCBzaG93cm9vbSBpcyBpbmNsdWRlZCkufA== ~~~



I started this color composition several days ago, but I didn't know how to continue it. So I left it be for a while, until I got the inspiration. I do this with my art a lot, I have several half finished pieces and I just keep going back and forth between them and making more new ones. I've realized this is much less stressful and a lot faster than forcing my way through with a painting.


As usual, I check the values, I use a black layer set to "color" layer adjustment. Then I use overlay or multiply to adjust the values to be better readable.


It's a little similar to the Forest Guardian painting I made, but I still tried to make it clearly different with colors and amount of texture. At this point I started thinking about the focal point, because I didn't pre-plan it. I pre-plan some paintings, but it's random, I just go with the inspiration.


I decided to paint a black panther, because I like panthers and it's dark enough for the contrast. It was surprisingly hard to find good reference on Pinterest, so I spent some time figuring out the pose, which leg is in front which behind. I wanted the panther to be walking somewhat towards the viewever, but for the silhouette to still be very obvious.

Dragon head winners: My blog: @doodle.danga & Pixelart Community Comment: @giocondina

Also I set the 3rd NFT to 0.001Hive, have fun finding it ;)
I'm randomizing the time a bit, but there will be 7 total.

Thank you for checking out my post, feel free to leave any questions in the comments ^^



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Thank you very much!

That panther changed position dramatically 😆

Hope the auction raised lots of money for disaster relief 🙃

That panther changed position dramatically

Yeahh I didn't even show all of the tries 😅

I hope it will too!

wow ! i just love it, Love how all the colors just blending in together

I'm liking the choice of colors and the simple brush strokes. No need to be as detailed to convey form and the contrast is enough to leave the image completed to imagination. Or maybe I'm just biased as the choice of colors here happens to be my favorite set.

I agree, colors do a big part in setting the mood even without details. I occasionally make detailed paintings, but my attention/patience is very limited. xD

I noticed the limited patience part from the brush strokes you used. I can so relate to this when doing some minor practices on my tablet. Too much time wasted just to get a texture of a leaf right when it's mostly just going to be brushed off by the eyes from the focal point of the piece. Just art things~

Keep up the good work! :D

Haha, well I've done a few detailed paintings recently, but I had to do so many art sessions to finally finish them :D I hope to share them soon <3

Oooo... very spooky! It's been a while since I last visited here, and how I have missed so much goodness. Your artstyle is always fascinating to gaze at, and especially so since I've been enjoying the four of them in a row now; the eerie forest spirit, the cabin in the woods, that spiral fountain, and this one! It's amazing, and I'd so love to play a game, or watch a show with this design ❤️

Aww thank you <3
I highly recommend Hollow Knight, I keep getting comments that it looks like that xD (Hollow Knight is definitely one of my all time favorite games) :D
Honestly I'd love to make a game/mini animated movie in this style, but it's a lot of work :O Hopefully one day!!

Oh my, Hollow Knight looks like a very beautiful game! Based on the snapshots that I'm seeing, it does have some resemblances to your artstyle, but in all the best ways <3. It reminds me of what Dark Souls might look like if it was a side-scroller, and was a lot more child-friendly. I'm definitely playing this when I have the time :-D


Woo, I love seeing the layers behind your artwork here. The composition as a whole is strikingly beautiful. I admire the way you highlight your handiwork, revealing your brushstrokes and broken lines—makes it all seem alive this way, vivid and vibrant. And violet, my favorite.

Thank you! Violet/blue are definitely my favorite combinations <3 I really love seeing other artist's art process, so I try to share mine regularly as well :D

Me ? What did I do? 😄 lol! Thank youuu it's awesome! Hey and btw, again, sweet work (this one and the dragonhead)!

Thank you for engaging with your comments <3 ^_^ These little giveaways have really boosted engagement for me and they're fun

I love staring art the beginning's little squwiggles of paint, and then BOOM masterpiece haha!

xDDDDDDD Thank you!!! Hahaha My favorite comment right now <3