A Forest Spirit

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Hi guys! In the past week I've been working on a couple of art sets- Forest Spirits and Clouds. I'm almost done with both and I couldn't wait to finally share some :) Also once I mint them I'll complete their stories.

I haven't decided where to tokenize this series yet, as I'm not in a rush so I'll see if Showroom sales become more active or if eth gas prices drop. ^^


This painting was more of a happy accident, I was procrastinating on the other drawing xD Somehow it's more fun to start something new then finish the previous drawing/project... ¯|(ツ)/¯ I haven't given up on the adventure series either, but I prefer going with the flow and inspiration, otherwise I get easily frustrated and waste more time.


I liked the dark and glowing contrast, but at this point I realized I need a focal point. A drawing without focal point is easily forgotten and doesn't really grab the attention. I considered drawing a bit flower, but the idea wasn't exciting enough. So I decided to draw a character/creature.


I mostly draw environments, so I went easy on the details here, plus it fits the style better. Also I knew from the start that I want some minimal animation. I've started watching blender 2D animation tutorials, but I'll need quite some time to learn it. So instead I painted the animation frame by frame as usual. This animation is 8 frames total, the character is technically 3 frames repeated.


I used a lot of color dodge layers and strong saturated colors to achieve the glowing effect. I did 3 more Forest Spirits and I'll share them in the following weeks ^_^ Feel free to ask any art questions in the comments <3

forest spirit.jpg

Also I've tokenized a few new things on NFT Showroom:

That Cthulhu Statuette is 1 Edition only ;)

Dragon Head winners: my blog: @librepensadora ; Pixelart community: @talentclub

My referral link (much appreciated!!): https://nftshowroom.com/?r=kristyglas

Thank you for checking out my post <3


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Thank you! :D

Hello my dear friend @kristyglas

I just have to thank you effusively for the mention you make to me on this blog.

I am a fan of your works of art and I love your style.

A Big Hug

Hug!! ^_^
I'm assuming you didn't understand the giveaway:
More info here: https://peakd.com/@nftshowroom I suggest checking it out, since you do really awesome art :D

This is my referral link (optional) if you decide to mint your art: https://nftshowroom.com/?r=kristyglas

This is very epic stuff man 👌

More forest spirits, a whole collection of them like the dragon heads :D

Naah, it's only 4 of them :D I posted them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KristyGlas

I dig the choice of colors here. Did you picked up some inspiration from the Hollow Knight game? the visuals have some similarities :>

Thank you! I love Hollow knight, so it might have been subconscious ^^ The face is inspired by my previous drawings like this: 28.jpg

That explains a lot. I love the mask like faces on Hollow Knight and how expressive the hollow eyes appears on some fan arts. Nice touch on the frames here :>

Love the little magic particles swishing around. And cute little forest spirit :)

I know it's possible to 2d animate in Blender and I've seen some good looking ones. That's one thing I won't be able to help you with though XD

Thank you! I understand xD I mean don't understand Blender hahah I also downloaded Toonz but haven't gotten around actually trying it yet :) Took most of today off (was reading some random romance mangas >.> ,nostalgia hahah)

Looks good, wish you luck finishing your other project that you were procrastinating on.

Thank you xD I might actually finally do it

That is so cute... and animated, too! Wonderful job, Kristy! 🤗