A House in the Woods

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Hello everyone ^_^ Yesterday I finally tokenized this artwork on NFT Showroom, you can check out the full resolution here:


I start most of my environments with a relatively big texture brush. I try to use various colors and the colors will usually inspire the rest of the painting. I use a black layer, set to color layer adjustment to make sure my values are correct. Everything closer is darker and further lighter, creating atmospheric perspective. For details I use a sharp almost like a pencil brush for a crisp look. The painting is meant to be really cheerful, so for shading I try to use colder colors instead of grays. I also always consider that there needs to be a focal point, so for this painting I added a fun little mysterious house.


So there are 4 thing I try to watch out for when painting: focal point, contrast, mood, composition. I've explained composition a bit in one of my previous posts.


As the sun set, she finally admitted to herself that she was lost. Luckily the woods seemed peaceful and quiet, maybe a little too quiet. More and more hours passed and she finally found a little pathway . She noticed a dim glow in the distance, rejoiced and started running. Yet, as the light got closer, she slowed down. It wasn't a color of camp fire or town lights, it was a single house. It looks friendly and warm, so she was looking forward to finding out who lives in there.

Giant Frog Winner for making most comments in Pixelart Community: @janaveda
Next one is next Wednesday.


Dragon Head winners: my blog- @ryivhnn Pixelart Community-@andielor


I also set one edition of my artworks to 0.001 hive for the first person to find and claim it ^_^ @madeyearcher found the previous one- the Dino. Update- @madeyearcher already found it xD haha

Also this is my referral link: https://nftshowroom.com/?r=kristyglas

My latest work in progress ;)


Listening to: https://open.spotify.com/album/51x4md5ZtffnGDryA4rV5T

Thank you for checking out!


I like your art bro , you know just a small percentage of people have an artistic soul

Thank you! Nahh I don't think that's true, it's just a matter of how people express that artistic soul :)

Yes, but just a small percentage of people to express their art soul. :)

You art is very ambient and i like the asymmetrical approach to fulfilling the composition. I would say your four elements coalesce together quite well along the way as you organize your chaos into order. Great process. Thanks for sharing. I would have never thought that would have been your approach on my first look.

Thank you, chaos is probably the most precise word for it xD
Interestingly, this approach has inspired and motivated me to draw so many different paintings. For me the hard part is getting started, when I put down colors I like, I instantly feel more motivated to paint anything :D

I could see how starting out with chaotic colorization would be exciting and then to form that would give more creative options. Sometimes in art, the best plan is figuring out one along the way. My problem is i have an idea that i want as the outcome and i obsess over perfecting it all along the way. This art of yours has me rethinking the piece i am working on now! Thank You! =)

My problem is i have an idea that i want as the outcome and i obsess over perfecting it all along the way.

I still do this, but the result is usually worse, even though it's much more effort D:

right.... i think i am gonna do the artwork one subject at a time and copy and paste literally and make a collage rather than an illustration. Thanks for the inspiration! Either way it will end well.... it's just getting there hahaha

Most importantly have fun!! :D

How can I do this? I need to do more reading but keep up the great work!!

Anything in particular you'd like to learn/draw? :) It's easier if you draw what you like, no matter what it is. First practice drawing those things by copying either photos or art. Next step is to learn the art principles/elements, but take it easy and don't rush it as I think most give up at this point. It's years of practice, but never too late to start. If you specialize in drawing one thing, you'll improve faster and then you can slowly expand your skills outside your comfort zone ^^

I'm not very good at drawing but I love graphic design is more my thing.

I understand, I'm the opposite :D Graphic design is usually very neat and clean xD

I want to try your technique as described in this post. I hope to have something to share soon!

Another absolutely stunning work. I'm blown away by how quickly you are able to produce such fantastic works! I'm sure a lot of practice has gone into it, and it most definitely shows. I'm slowly attempting to improve my own skills at drawing specifically tabletop maps and it's slow going but a lot of fun.

In 2019 I barely did any art, but I did watch a lot of tutorials especially on Youtube. I did do a few extra detailed pieces that took weeks, I believe that helped me realize what to pay attention to. I notice "issues" much faster now, and if something feels off then I take the time to figure out why.

That makes a lot of sense. I'll have to give some thought to finding some YT tutorials for what I'm doing and then pushing beyond them too!

Yup, unfortunately I don't have any proper recommendations, I mostly watch various things x2 speed. Gumroad/Cubebrush are also great, especially during the black Friday sale :)

Like your style alot. Hoping to see more of that. 🤩

Thank you ^_^

I like it my dear friend. congratulations

Thank you ^_^

It must be lonely to live there. Nice art piece.

Thank you ^^ Maybe, maybe not

I very thrilled, I'm just trying to grab on the fact that you started from a low point to this point. My hopes shaky from the same work that brings little more drive. Question is will I get here? I really want to. Would keep looking closely for more secrets to making awesome works by myself.

Thank you, I highly recommend checking out my older posts when you can, so you can see the changes and progress. Good luck and feel free to ask questions (if I miss any notification, just ask again) ^^

Your creative process is pretty unique I think. I wonder if you already have the whole picture in your head, or if you make it as you go :D I love the brushing without teeny tiny precision, but just certainty, layering on top of each other, PERFECT BALANCE of colours to create your environment, and then boom its done, piece of art!

Mostly make as I go, I'm exploring and discovering the scene :)
Thank you!

You are seriously very very talented. Have to say your paintings are very beautiful

I really enjoy your work 👍🏾

Thank you! :D

No worries 👍🏾

What a cool and eerie landscape. A place for wandering ghosts, for sure! 😁

Really? xD I thought it looked very warm and welcoming haha

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Awesome artwork.
What's your opinion about the fact that we have to wear protective masks to enter stores?

Thank you :)
I'm for wearing masks ^^ I'm in a low risk group, I wouldn't want to kill someone in high risk group. There are no second chances with death.

i created a music video about our challenging times. i'm at the beginning at creating music videos so any feedback would help me improve my content. i'm curious to know what you think about it.

I love how you play with your art. The contrast, details and expressionist strokes are just beautiful.
Once again, thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you <3 I feel that way about your art :D It's so colorful and playful ^_^

Wow! This it amazing! Good job!

This is amazingly incredible

Omg thank you so much!!

You're so awesome i love the way the scene is represented, very unique :O you're my inspiration to get better <3

Thank you very much <3 Your art is awesome!

I love your process! it's so organic. And the results are simply amazing.

very inspiring ! i am thinking to create one of your artworks into a CG render if you are ok with it :)

If it's just for the blog/social media then sure :D However, if you want to sell an NFT artwork, we can do a collaboration (I'll make an art just for that). Your 3D skills are incredible!

@kristyglas yea my point is for social media and showing art, no commercial work !

but it can be used as an idea for a project, Can always discuss with you about that

Awesome and thank you so much for choosing my art :D I'm looking forward to what you make.
Are you familiar with NFT-s? I really think your art would sell well ^^ (you can check #nft tag on twitter to see what I'm talking about)

mmm interesting, Actually i never heard of it, Will start looking up now 😀

Wow! Thank you very much @kristyglas for the Giant Frog, it is beautiful. My collection begins to grow.