Satellite- Sketch #18- A Technique to Clear the Mind

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Hello guys! I've been having a very productive week and a part of it is thanks to a technique I started using on a regular basis- brain dumps. The word brain-dump doesn't sound very appealing, but I can't think of a better way to call it. I'm not sure where I first read about brain dumps, but I was surprised how effective they turned out to be. I've done similar things before but never to this extent and regularity. The point is to write everything on your mind in the moment without any reservations or intent to show anyone. Writing things down in general has helped slow down but also stop juggling too many different thoughts at once. I know everyone is different, but I hope anyone experience similar problems as me will feel inspired to give this a try. I'd love to know if it helps anyone and any tips and tricks you wish to share in the comments.


I write various notes constantly and I've doing those for years, but brain dump is actually different. It's a form of freewrite not meant to be read by anyone else, expressing everything on the mind without any reservations. This can help reveal hidden fears, anything keeping us back, and even why we procrastinate for certain tasks. A brain dump can be creative in nature, a sort of brain storm but with extra thoughts and reasoning. You can use it to write down any thoughts you think are irrational, but still bother you, the point is to get rid of them by putting them on paper. This may require repetition, and you can combine it with cognitive behavior therapy, where you try to see a different perspectives for that thought, preferably positive. I even write down all chores I need to get done that are bothering me but I don't have time to complete all at once. What you write is up to you, but I recommend never sharing it, the point is to delve as deep as possible into your mind without any fear.


Most of the time I don't reread my brain dumps as they can be uncomfortable and I regularly get rid of the old ones. However, I keep anything that I think might come in handy like creative ideas or things I think I should try to improve myself. I'm currently figuring out a best way to trigger work focus, since I know I'm prone to triggers, so might as well try to use them for good. Whenever you're urged to do something unknowingly, it's likely because you programmed your mind to some trigger. I haven't had much success figuring mine out, but it's too early to tell. Personally I find things like behaviors and psychology incredibly interesting and it's amazing how much information is available for anyone to read. However, we ourselves are the best specimens to observe, control and learn from.

Quick summary: write down All of your thoughts in a safe place to clear up your mind.


About the Art

This is a part of my 30 min sketches set, my goal is to draw 30-50. The reason is to improve my speed and not to get too attached to the sketches. They're meant to be experimental and hopefully to express any subconscious ideas. 30min is very limited time, so over thinking actually leads to worse results in my experience.

The 4 themes are provided on a fb group daily, but you can create your own themes as well for practice. Finding reference is within the 30min limit, so you can't spend hours collecting pictures.

The theme this time was Satellite.



For the sky I painted a few lines on a separate layer, then I used the warp too to create the jagged spiraling effect.

For the satellite I used silhouette method, where I sketched the shape of the object first then details. The silhouette has to recognizable on it's own for it to work well. The color of it doesn't really matter, I could have used black, but bright color was easier to see here.

My lighting isn't very correct here, I forgot to add shadows, since the light is top left behind the object. Technically there could be second light source off the screen towards the satellite. Below is the final drawing, I personally really like how the sky turned out and might use the technique in more of my drawings.


Thank you for reading <3


great work!

Thank you :D

I dont know if what i do is brain dump, i randomly type my thoughts and wishes on a notepad and then delete them immediately, doing this helps me to focus. Sometimes when i feel too unsure about things or choosing between things, i start to write and make a weird short of conversation and by the end i always reach a dicision point....

The drawing looks fantastic, but instead of making the lines wavy u could make them in circular shape around a planet... They are called something, i cant remember the word right now.

As for 30 minute drawing goes this was awesome....

This is basically it :D There are no rules, whatever helps.

when i feel too unsure about things or choosing...

Thank you so much for sharing, I will give that a try :D I started doing something similar and it helps. I think your method would be even more effective.

Thank you ^_^

I always know exactly why I'm procrastinating tasks XD (if it's related to my project it's because I'm finding whatever I'm working on particularly boring especially if it's the same thing second week in a row, in which case I go draw something else for a bit, if it's not and not related to homeschooling then it's a waste of time and I usually don't want to do it anyway XD)

Glad the brain dumps have helped your productivity :D The satellite really cool, always impressed by how a few lines can make something look so incredibly detailed.

Haha, well next time try writing that down anyways and then deleting it ;) just once and see if it helps. There is something about writing down and letting go of thoughts that I can't explain well :)

Thank you! :D

Awesome work, as always, Kristy! Great details! 😎

Thank you :D

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Thank you very much! ^-^

I like this idea and drawing, my dear friend. quite successful. congratulations..

Thank you :D I'd love to know if you give it a try ^^

For me, cooking and writing help me so much to clear my mind.

Nice work anyway

I agree, cooking and especially baking can be very meditative :D
Thank you for checking out my post ^_^