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I feel inspired

I've started a new morning routine, and I'll try sticking to it to see how it affects my energy, motivations and creativity.
I finished a workout, Chloe Ting's 2 week challenges, as best as I could without hopefully hurting my muscles badly, but I know the way to strengthen them is by constantly tearing them. When it's too much, I take a break or do an easier exercise instead.

Sunday was my third day of no social media and it was certainly difficult, but finally felt easier. Probably because I know I'll go back to it Monday. I cheated a bit and peaked a few times for less than a minute. I was rather irritable and nervous the first 2 days, but today feel way calmer. I haven't exactly been more productive, but I got enough done. I certainly had a lot of fun, watched the Queen's gambit, Mandalorian and his dark materials and I played Textorcist (pg 18 typing game, really fun and challenging).


Queen's Gambit is an awesome show; it's really empowering and I love how the character goes through a huge transformation. There are many very touching scenes, that elicit emotions. She's far from perfect, but it's hard to blame her, as she went through a lot.
The power trips are certainly fun, where she nonchalantly proves wrong people who doubt her. I particularly admire how unapologetic she is about her success, and that's something I want to learn from. She doesn't downplay her accomplishments to others especially.

(Illustration from The Strange Library)

I reread The Strange Library by Murakami. Personally the illustrations really make the book memorable and set the atmosphere, but also it's short enough to reread easily. The following is my interpretation. The books constantly uses strong foreshadowing. Even the first page includes a quick summary of the story to create tension. The story shows that adults can be wrong and that always behaving properly at the expense of ourselves isn't the right answer. It shows how guilt and shame can be easily used to manipulate us. Learning to say "no" can be a matter of life and death. Surprising amount of positivity, I guess typical for a child.


I'm planning on taking every weekend off instead of just Sunday and using less social media in general, I'll still use direct messaging, but I'll avoid checking random notifications. In fact from the sneak peeks, I'm starting to feel anxious about catching up with everything, instead of excited as I normally get with a few notifications. This is good in a way, the addiction is hopefully wearing off.

I haven't managed to be more mindful than maybe a minute at a time, probably less. Which is a shame because I worked really hard on that months earlier, so I'm basically starting over. Today is a bit better, but I clearly need more breaks. My head is buzzing with too many thoughts and ideas, which is partially why I'm writing them down. I used to write "Brain Dumps" regularly, but I've been inconsistent this month. Also I've been listening to Katty Arrington's podcast. Link: https://anchor.fm/katy-arrington

(Another cool new art podcast I listened to:

embed-podcast/episode/5feAD8tHKeo86WVB0XNorz?si=Kiox4W20Qvi0Qujc5njL8Q Art Art Art) spotify ~~~


I like how she calls them Brain Downloads, so I'll probably use that word from now on. I agree with her that a lot of self help books are more feel good books, personally I felt biggest progress and changes from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which includes various exercises to work on yourself. Another book that I found helpful was 7 Habits of Highly successful people which I read when I was ~17, it was one of my first self help books.

I want to do a weekly progress diary as I love posting here and I wanted to be more consistently. I'll write bits throughout the week and make a post on Mondays. I'll share my art process steps pictures, but the mindset is more important, because then you can apply it to your style of art.


Last week I published my first animated video, Control. The music is my Jokreg

The video was a challenge as I had to learn how to use Open toonz (awesome free animation program) and how to export it (I used Pinnacle 23, don't recommend it), and handbrake to compress it for tokenizing.

I've been working on the video most of the month, bit by bit, brainstorming ideas, and after the first week I decided to shift the video into social media theme, not necessarily cyberpunk. The video is a lot of work, so I wanted it to be important and to have an impact in some way. I've watched Social Dilema, Netflix documentary, highly recommend, and it made me realize how different social media used to be. I used to be hard on myself for not resisting is as well as before, but the documentary made me realize that it's not my fault that it's more addicting than it used to be. I love socializing online, but I've always been quite antisocial, so it's energy draining even if it's fun. Instead of socials, I've called my family remembers more this week and I want to keep that up.


Making a music video has been on my "bucket list, (I never liked the word, but I don't know a better one), and I'm happy I finally made one. I was certainly nervous about it, which is why I took a break from socials. To reflect, to not obsess as much and to consider what is my next big goal.


Thank you for reading <33


Exactly what I'm facing, but one thing is for sure you can't catch up with your daily activities.
The workout thing is cool, I hope the cognitive behavior therapy(CBT) like you said is helping, try not to forget music.
Have a nice week!

Thank you so much <3 Hope you're doing well too and take care of yourself ^_^ Yes CBT has always been most helpful, I highly recommend it :D

Yeah man, I'm new here though!! Still learning how things work.

 2 months ago 

That's a lot of stuff going on with each paragraph. One of the best advices I got from trying to reduce the amount of stress is cutting off social media, news, and radio. The first one is a bit difficult to do especially when our livelihoods are connected to its usage (trying to analyze trends, and picking up some viral news) but I time my social media use to an hour or two daily.

Always fascinated with art styles or brush strokes that can render an image with minimal details and yet convey form and mood like yours. I've been browsing some pinterest photos that feature the same or similar style, following the less is more type of art works. Hope you have a good day! :D

That's awesome! 2h seems ok, especially if it includes chats and talking to people about art. It's hard to separate the 2 so end up spending too much time scrolling because I get easily distracted.
Thank you <3 These are ~5min doodles, I asked people on twitter for ideas. All_compressed.jpg Not all worked out (not included) but still, a time limit is hugeeeee, for learning what details are important. Also I've been playing a little Scriblio lately xD It's really fun :D
Hope you have a great day too <333

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Your 5 min doodles are equivalent to hours of me rendering the same image. I can appreciate the gap in years of mastering your craft to accomplish those in 5 mins. It's amazing! Hope I can get to half that level by next year. 😄

Thank you <3 and yes keep working on it, it is years of experience, but you'll get there sooner or later depending on how much you draw and learn ^^
Personally Daily Spitpaints (30min) for a month helped me a lot, to loosen up brush strokes and to get used to time limits.

 2 months ago 

30mins seems better than those 4 hours a day drawing plans I initially thought I would have to do. The lazy me wants to bargain. Thank you for your suggestion! 😄

Well, to be fair, I would sometimes do several themes (there are new 3 themes on the fb Daily Spitpaint group). Also most of the rest of drawing time I'd do pixelart. Doing any type of art helps you improve in general. Learning shading, perspective, composition, lighting takes time but you don't need to rush those. Eventually they come naturally to you.
It's really important to do 1 hard detailed painting at least once per month. Something that pushes your abilities to the brink, doesn't matter the end result, but that artwork will improve your knowledge and great patience practice.

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This is more solid advice that what I would get usually. Thank you!
One of the things I regret the most about not doing while I was active on the blockchain is conversing more with people that are in the business. I do this for a hobby but part of the lessons in gems are from the people that thrive on the industry.

Well I don't know if you even remembered this little detail of interaction I first had with you. It was that contest that helped me jumpstart my blogging (more on pushing the momentum when I was about to quit the platform). Just the small things that helped me back then and I look at old posts just to reflect on my growth.

I hope you remain active and inspire new users :D

Awww, I remember that bird tutorial, and thank you for participating back then, it was really inspiring and was happy people participated <3

I'm currently trying to manage too many things so finding balance is certainly tricky, but I have so many things I want to do art related. ^^

You should check out the pixelart community here if you haven't. I'm sponsoring a weekly contest. And actually would be happy to sponsor a non pixelart contest too. Contests were always the best way to meet people and interact when you probably wouldn't otherwise.
The way I usually approach blogging is more like a dairy, especially as I improve it's fun to go back and see how I've changed. Comments and upvotes are certainly nice, but I actually get more when I worry less about it (and other way around) xD
If you're doing this for hobby, stick to your interests, it's easy to get swayed by seeing all art online, but if you know what you want to draw, you can learn more specific things way faster.

Doing 100 dragons and dragon heads 2018-2019 improved my art in many ways. As I learn more, I feel more confident trying things that used to be intimidating (like portraits and strong colors) :)

Honestly, I was reading your post and I was thinking that I too sometimes feel anxious about catching up with social media, feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff.... but at times I get so bored with them that I shut them down completely... I don't know how I managed to do that but I did... I heard about Queen's Gambit from a lot of people. I haven't watched it yet but so many people are talking about it I feel i should watch it

Glad to hear you managed :) It's hard but worth it, to turn it off occasionally.
Everyone I've talked to who has watched Queen's Gambit, also love it ^^

Thank you ❤ will do that

Thank you :)

I am using Netflix but I don't get any relaxing video