The Spiral Fountain- Art Process

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Hi guys! I've finally minted the next art in the adventure series. I really should figure out a better less cliche name for it xD

Full resolution and story:
It's already sold out ^_^


I started with colors without any pre-planning. The colors usually inspire me what to draw next, if not I try different colors. I've been trying to pre-plan painting recently, but it ends up feeling more rigid/less vibrant that way.


The early stage is really quick, so it's easier to scrap a painting if it's not inspiring. The following is an example of a painting I scrapped. It's missing contrast, focal point and colors are dull. Moreover, I added the perspective grid too soon. It's better to paint some basic perspective and then add the grid to match the art instead of other way around.


I adjusted the grid several times, till it felt right. The problem is perspective isn't really noticeable until it feels wrong. So it's better to do it right, or simplify the art so it doesn't need perspective. I forgot to save more steps, but the spiral took quite some time to draw "right". I should have maybe drawn the spiral front view and then used transform tools to fit it into perspective, but I prefer freehand as then it looks more "painterly" than photoshoshoped.


The animation is 6 frames, and I painted it frame by frame. I duplicate and move some parts, and then paint over. The animation in the post isn't even final, check the link above for the cleaned up version. Feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments.


Dragon Head Winners: @adamada ; Pixelart Community Comment: @nameless16

Also I've pulished the housy on NFT Showroom ^_^


I'll probably make the post about it tomorrow :)

New giveaway: xD I just loove doing these, if you're bored of them, please let me know!
I've set one of my artworks to 0.001Hive, so basically free. I'll do this once a day for the rest of this week. After 24h if no one claims it, I'll rest it and set the low price for the next one.
Have fun finding it!


Very nice work here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

Thank you very much!

No problem 🤝

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! :D

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I Love This!

Thank you! :D

Great one😊👍

Thank you! ^_^

You've thrown my favourite colours and element into one thing XD

Must be a very gentle trickle of water or a seriously deep pit, there's hardly any rebound :D Round shapes can be a bit of a pain to draw in perspective, I remember really struggling them in tech drawing. This one looks fine I think :)

Haha, yeah I thought of it, but there seemed no easy solution, so it's a deep pit ;P
Definitely struggled with spiral perspective for a while, but really worth it ^^

Your colour tastes are always great! Impressive linework on that one :o

Thank you :D Those details are really fun

This is impressive, his art is impressive, the movement of the water flow I like very much of course stands out from all static, but the water fall is excellent.

I really like the use of different shades of blue to give depth and when it comes to the light I think it uses like two shades of pink, excellent work.

Thank you :) And yes, awesome observation, I use warmer hues for light (orange/yellow) and colder for shadows (navy blue/purple)
I've been seeing so many cool animations lately, I really wanted to start using it more, even if it's for little thing ^^

What an interesting work of art, Kristy! Beautiful job! 🤗

Without a doubt, this is one of the best works I have seen, many congratulations.

Thank you very much!!

So beautiful... a fantastic setting, perfect for imagining a story
to this little character.

Thank you! Here you can read the story and find the previous ones from the same series :)

Thnaks for the link, impressive work...

The colour palettes are always harmonic. Your animation is flawless.

Thank you very much ^_^

I keep loving your art more and more.

A big hug from Portugal,