The Wizard's Tower

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Hi guys! ^_^ I'm really proud of this painting and it's a bit more complex than my previous ones.

You can see the full sized image and details here:
There you can also read a bit of the story.


When I start a drawing I don't worry about using the right colors instantly, the composition is more important.


Same repeating shapes getting smaller is a great way to show the distance, as well as weaker values.


Here I adjusted the colors since my main composition is set, everything is details.


I love pinks and purples combined with blue, they simply look magical used together.


Latestly I added the tower in the distance, since the path looks fun but it needs some interesting purpose. I'm trying to add more story elements into my art, and it's hard, but worth it :)


Previous art in this series

Forest Dungeon  Copy.jpg
Forest Dungeon


Resting in the Jungle


Entering the Spiders' Lair

Dragon head winners: @cetb2008 (pixelart community comment) and @ryivhnn -his comments really make me laugh <3

Now you can also win a dragon head by commenting on all posts in Pixelart community ^_^ Once a day I'll pick a winner (regardless when the comment was made since there are very little of them right now). I hope this will improve some engagement in the community <3 So for now I'll give out 2 dragon heads a day. Also there are only 5 Squip heads left, so if you really want it you can buy it for just 5 hive :) (I'm keeping the last editions of dragon heads for myself)

I've tokenized a whole bunch of my art :D Whenever I sell some I use that hive to tokenize more <3 thank you for so much support ^_^ image.png

Thank you for checking out my post ^_^


For a momnent I thought little Journey character was having a nap facing away from the tower before my eyes adjusted properly ^_^;

That's a rather imposing looking tower. Love the rock formations :)

I want to see that! :O I can't seem to adjust my eyes

The flappy coat bits streaming out the back are legs :D

I was actually glad I only saw one thing at a time, usually what happens is I will see multiple things at once and then my brain complains XD

Greetings friend thank you very much, beautiful illustration

Beautiful works... Colour, shapes transport us into your universe.

Thank you very much :D

Woah, this looks really awesome! It somehow reminds me of running and gunning through Mass Effect 3, with those big Reapers shooting at you from the background. What a shite ending that was, eh? Cheers for sharing!

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Epic? xD 😂

Really like this series. not really sure why but i thing Resting is my favorite

Thank you :D My favorite is an upcoming one ^_^

Cool painting style! :D

Thank you <3

These are really good. Your little adventurer reminds me of Frodo, especially in Entering the Spider's Lair.

Hahah, I can see that now :D Well, next ones are rather different ^^

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I simply love this artwork ❤️ thanks for sharing!

!discovery 30

Thank you very much <3 ^-^