Watercolor Kitten- Drawing with Steps

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This painting is based on a photo reference I received.

This is Rhonda's 2nd kitten, (my extra reward to her for buying my other art). I have one more cat left to draw and I hope it will turn out as well as these did. Last few days I haven't drawn much, but it's nothing unusual. I take breaks, since forcing it doesn't help.

This is the previous one:

Watercolor Kitty- Full Art Process



This was the first attempt, but I didn't like it, so I started again. The paper I'm using is relatively cheap, so I don't worry much about messing up.


I started with a pencil sketch this time, since in the first one I tried approximating. I keep the lines as thin as possible so they don't show through the watercolors.


This time I tried using more hues and colors instead of one flat color. I added many layers until the final piece.


Here you can already see how it's turning out. It's easier to add dark areas than light, so I don't rush the drawing.


I wanted the kitten to look as fluffy as I could manage. The whiskers are originally white, but they wouldn't be then visible in the painting.


Finally I added a soft background glaze. Minimal color to not distract for the kitten, but still better than just empty paper. The colors look washed out in the photos because I took them outside during strong sun. I prefer drawing on the balcony if the weather is good and if it's relatively quiet/peaceful.

I'm currently working on a longer post for the Dragon Zodiac Pisces, and I hope to finish it tomorrow or the day after ^_^ (So please don't forget to follow, for more of my cute and sometimes creepy art!)

Thank you for reading! I wish I had a pet and I hope to get one someday. Feel free to share photos of yours in the comments <3


I love the colors and the outcome. Indeed a lovely painting!

Thank you ^_^

A drawing made in watercolors with subtle details in the colors and with a great presentation of the creative process.

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Thank you :D

Oh my! I love this. Cats and waterolors both :D
The innocence is so beautifully captured! 🌸

Thank you ^_^

Nawwww another cute kitten XD How do you not shrivel up with cuteness overdose when doing things like this XP

Haha xD It definitely makes me happy to draw these :3

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Cute little painted kitty.

Thank you :D

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