Cartoon Cat

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And now for something completely different. I not only draw and paint figurative art, I also from time to time draw cartoons.

As a kid, it was actually cartoons that I wanted to do. There were a number of cartoon series that I'd done, but never ultimately continued with.

From time to time I still draw cute cartoon characters such as this one. I might share more of this character.

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Haha good to see that the great leoplaw has a funny side too 😁👍🏼

 4 months ago  

So you want to see more of them? 😀

While I'm more fan of your realistic artworks 😁 I wouldn't mind to see more these as well

 4 months ago  

Done! 😀

Really different from your usual works, but still, interesting to see it!

 4 months ago  

Yes, it's a world away, an alternative path I almost took.