Late night sketch

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valleyOfLost comp.jpg

Lately I've been too busy to do any personal work, but tonight I sacrificed some much needed sleep for a quick 3D sketch. I just recently bought this amazing plugin called Unwrella that is essentially an auto-UVing plugin. Basically the thing I've been waiting on since I learned what UVing was. I'm pretty blown away with how well it works and it's definitely going to be a must have in my arsenal.


So this piece started with me just testing out Unwrella on a 3D scanned model I have with no UV's. One click, UV's done, no editing. Glorious.So I decided to make her a huge statue, and the rest was just freestyling making it up as I went along. Obviously inspired by the new Blade Runner movie and that one sequence with the huge lady statues.

Also used a bunch of MegaScan assets for all the rocks and some materials. Then in the end brought things into PS and did some manual adjustments and painting.


Hope you like :) See you in the next post.


It's perfectly done... I hope you will do more of this midnight sketches and share with us

Before I read your post actually I thought about Blade Runner just by looking the art, and I’m glad I was right. The lighting and the style are amazing 🧡


Reminds me of the Sphinx Gate in Fantasia.

Haven't seen that in forever. Might be subconsciously channeling 😁

 last year  

nice work !