Thanks @nineclaws. So nice to hear that people are reading as well as looking. This was such a fun project and I'm sure you can see it in the work even in the gruesome parts. For me, my posts have become like a diary of my work and all the stories around their making. I wish I had the time to sit and write more often.

You're welcome. It's such a pleasure really. I am really moved by your work and it makes me catch my breath. That's not a common experience for me, so when that occurs, I know I'm looking at work from someone who is incredibly gifted. How wonderful to be the observer and experience from that perspective. I wish I could see all of them in person.

You're creating a beautiful diary, keep it up!

The stories add such depth to your work and I enjoy reading all you write. I have always been someone who loves stories, most particularly people's individual stories. I enjoy it when someone shares like this.

Thank you for sharing all you do! 💙

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