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"The artist communicates his thoughts, ideas and part of his experiences through his works, that which is part of the passion put into his designs"....

Dear art fans, today we have a selection that will leave you sighing. We show the favorites of the day, as well as offer and show details, information and highlights of each of his presentations, so you can admire them in detail.

All this thanks to the structural elements that each artist provides to materialize their works, which allows us to interpret in a better way what you see in their creation, the originality of each one, whose qualities distinguish one artistic expression from another, in the wonderful world of universal art.

Below, we present today's featured favorite authors.



We open our select space of artists who stand out in their works of art, with the special presentation of one of the magicians of traditional art, whose creativity, makes him merge several elements that fit perfectly, we speak of the author Adrian Martin Orsini, who brings us his work inspired by the urban style, we note how his work goes from a complex architectural design to a wonderful artistic piece, where he represents the immortality of a city, whose occupants refuse to die, whose culture is quite marked by a bad model to follow.

Wonderful artistic piece made in traditional art, highlighted with fine strokes of markers in black and red tones, from which it starts, from a complex sketch made in graphite pencil, which leaves us fascinated with his interesting proposal.


What is your favorite part about Portrait Painting?

Emmanuel Inua (@artofnuel) is back on our lists, as his undisputed artwork is simply phenomenal, highlighting the traits of color culture, once again showcasing his practices with hair styling through portraits.

Enmanuel through his digital brushstrokes gives soul and life to the painting, his painstaking work on the eyes and the remarkable effort he makes to achieve realism in the hair, is admirable, we also like the charisma and that approach between the artist and the viewer to share and show their work, nothing goes unnoticed and everything you can see, without any waste, if we talk about the color palette used, everything indicates a work achieved to perfection.




We present once again the author Ahmad Turki (@ahmadturki), and his great creativity to recreate storytelling scenes, a wonderful piece in digital art between second and third dimension, where he immortalizes Asian style commercial establishments, quickly, we are transported to the theme presented and we feel at ease.

His work in Photoshop is magnificent, overflows in the perfect perspective, a good handling of shadows and lights, along with the texture of the roof and the details of nature, make his caricatured style, a charm.


"The beauty of debeautification"

Now we share the work of Francescomai (@francescomai), a visual spectacle full of digital texture, a piece in third dimension, overflowing depth, whose organic forms we can detail from various angles, with the simulated expression of volume through shadows and lights.

Undoubtedly a sculptural piece of the representation of the human figure, in this case of female attributes, which also involves very varied details in its texture and nature: stone, metals, wax, clay, paint, among others.


Hide and Seek

We close our presentation, in love with the artistic work of Erang (@erangvee), wherever we look at it, it is fascinating.

Erang tells us through his publication, that his inspiration comes from a Japanese song, whose lyrics talk about the loneliness of someone after the anguish, after a somewhat cruel game of hiding and looking for someone who does not want to be found. Then we see Erang's fabulous imagination, how she hides among the details of nature, that female figure, who is in sight but almost imperceptible to her seeker, however she "is ready".

The girl's facial details, her gaze and that innocence and tenderness injected in the eyes made by the artist, can make anyone sigh, we invite you to delight in her spectacular post, her delicate and expressive words and her step by step, which she structures in a phenomenal way.

And so we culminate, in a big sigh, these works have left us speechless, but to see, appreciate and value, standing ovation for their inspiration and the degree of complexity that dominate to perfection in each of their artistic expressions, their materials used and their charisma injected into each of them, managing to involve us in a perfect way.


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It is truly an honour to have such kind words about my work. Thank you so much!

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thanks @onchainart for the feature again <3 honored to be mentioned ! :)