On the wind - sketch in a break from painting :)

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In a break from painting ...
I started browsing photo sessions that I was doing with my sister and cousins and other girls years ago in the time when I was thinking to became a photographer :) My lovely models were always great ... even though conditions were sometimes quite ... unusual. Sitting in the pool for hours, jumping in the wind, standing in a real smoke - pretending that eyes do not burn, in strange make up, in strange sets, costumes ... trying to understand - "what the author meant" :) well, it was quite an adventure :)
However, the results have always been great ... and now, years later, I smile sentimentally or burst out laughing when I remember some ideas ;) :)
Here is my sister Kaja. The session was quite calm ... although it was blowing strong wind. You know .. I wanted the materials to blow in the wind etc .... ahhh
Have a beautiful evening, everyone :)

Kaja  a4 2022.jpg


Wow! It's wonderful 😃

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thank you :)