Secret garden - original painting, relief

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Hello everyone :)
Today I want to show you one of my first combination of painting and texture/relief. It was few years ago.
This is mixed media plus acrylic painting.
Format 70 x 50 cm

Zaczarowany Ogród 50 x 70 2016  (1).jpg


1 (2).jpg


Hi Aga, this looks interesting - nice combination. What is the mixed media? In days long past I used various items such as rope and fabrics, soaked with modeling paste, then stained afterwards with acrylics - but mostly for just craft objects. For stage designs at my University, we used spray insulation foam over chicken wire, ropes, fabrics etc to simulate the inside of a cave (for a Wind in the Willows play).
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Oh wow i see we have similar experiences. I also made sets and theatrical costumes - and we also used building foams and various materials - there are strings underneath here too. I twisted them into braids. Here, too, I gave real twigs. Sand, paint and glues on top of that. I like to do textures - something rough in me likes to do it hehehehe. Have a nice good day Otto :) :) :)

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Thank you very much :)


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