Communication NFT [EN/DE]

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Here´s my second animation of my square series - Communication, also from 2012. This is only the preview, the whole video with sound can be found on @nftshowroom. The miserable creature underground is a clay sculpture as well. You can find here how the original artwork was made. Sound by @michaeldietrich as usual ♥ Enjoy the weirdness...

Hier ist meine zweite Animation meiner Quadrat-Serie - Communication, ebenfalls aus dem Jahr 2012. Das hier ist nur eine Vorschau, das komplette Video mit Sound steht auf @nftshowroom. Die armselige Kreatur unter der Erde ist ebenfalls eine Skulptur aus Knete. Hier kann man nachlesen, wie das Original-Bild entstanden ist. Sound wie gewohnt von @michaeldietrich ♥ Genieße das Merkwürdige...

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I bought it, it's so cool :D

Thank you so much! I can´t believe this piece was sold out in few hours.

Nice to see you finally managed to go into animations with your work :)
I remember when you mentioned it as an idea that seemed pretty unreachable by then.
Great job, and go on with it!

Thank you, @berien :) Well this is not the kind of animation I was thinking of. What you see here is more an augmented artwork (but still so much fun to create!). But what I'd really love to do is something big like stop motion with clay. And this is still kind of unreachable ^^

Yes, that's what I did initially understand.😉
But even if they don't make you jump immediately to that point, that's still experimental steps in the right direction, and from my spectator point of view : that's great 😀