Drinking with Style

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Hello everyone, for today's drawing I did a character that is having a blast drinking. Like I tell my kids when they ask ne how did I do something, my answer is "with style". 😁 That is how I did this drawing as well. I would like to see anyone who is flexible enough to drink that way, then again, people have a way to suprise me. 🙃

I did this using only two tones : black and white. Using the paper's tan color as a third color. Here are some progress pics


I hope you guys like it, thanks for the view.


Haha, very funny sketch. Love it!🤣👍

Always with style 😀

It's a very funny and very creative sketch. I like how you achieved it by giving a particular curvature to the character, decaying from the liquor. It reminded me of the beer logos of yesteryear.

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This is awesome, thanks. I am curious about the beer logo you are referring (gotta love beer). I really appreciate and I am glad that you like it. Thanks again!

I like how bizarre and peculiar is your art style. I like the distorted anatomy in this arts. It reflects that there is beauty in disproportion. !discovery 15

Thanks juecoree (dor the comment and the discovery). I am glad you like it and I appreciate it!

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your work is very good, you are very original, congratulations!

😃 thanks, that is very nice of you