Magic Scroll Painting [ 2D Game Asset ]

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This is my first post on OnchainArt , glad to finally post here. I am searching the best community to share my digital art learning process, and hopefully inspire beginners to follow my videos as a guide.

In this video I am gonna paint a magic scroll. Every fantasy game has some kind of scrolls to give you some kind of power along with potions. I already painted the magic potion which you can check my previous post to see. My goal is to make a collection of items for an imaginary game to develop my painting skills. As a strong protan color blind I pick my colors from my art collection before I begin to paint. I dont trust my eyes to pick the colors while I painting the item. This allow me to free of stress about color choices. Some colors might be different, or look pale to your eyes, I try to increase the saturation of my paintings to make them more normal. My eyes see the world less saturated because of that I tend to paint like I see the world.

The graphic tablet I am using is XP Pen Deco 03. Having a higher pressure sensitivity tablet is great. My previus tablet wasnt too great but its the artist not the tool that matters.

I am using "Evenant concept art brush pack" which you can google and download if you want to use exact brush I use in my paintings.

Enjoy the video.

The video is updated with music

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Looks really good! I'm sad to read that you're color blind but it's interesting to see how it affects how you manage the colors, they look great to what I expect for a magic scroll hahaha.

One thing that could improve the videos is making them a little sped up or adding some royalty-free music, that would be nice.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. Don't be sorry, its hard but I am getting used to it ^^ About the music .. erm.. I forgot.. I am uploading the new video with the audio right now ^^

But I dont want to speed up the videos. I really dont like the speed tutorials on youtube. When I first get started digital painting, all I could find was speed up videos. You really cant follow what the artist is doing. I want my videos in real time so that everybody can see what I am doing, all the mistakes, all the brush strokes etc. Everybody can speed up the video if they like on youtube.

Right, I get what you're saying, it's important when you really want to pay attention to how it all came together.

That is pretty cool and the music emphasizes everything. Photoshop forever!

Looks like a fantastic scroll. And it is. I love it.
Thank you for sharing your work. I learn a lot from your posts.