Zorya the Bounty Hunter

in OnChainArt2 months ago

Meet Zorya a beautiful but deadly bounty hunter.

Continuing on sci-fi themes. I've rendered her with colors, probably spend a bit too much time on it, but it was too much fun.

There are a few different versions of this model to choose from, among them one with an opened visor.









Modeled and rendered in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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If she was an assassin I can see how she might assassinate some targets XD Bounty hunter has me puzzling though XD

Gorgeous model :)

Oh Dang, your idea is better. Is it too late to change? It is! :(

Why is it too late to change? Characters go through development that isn't story-related :D

edit: she could still be a great bounty hunter, there might be a cool story to find there too :)

That sounds interesting, I definitely need to work on my story telling skills. Actually I was thinking about teaming up with a writer to create something bigger.