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Greetings Hive dwellers! (´ω`★)

Today I am sharing another piece of fanart I've created - this time for MuriNFT. I've spent nearly a week on this one - creating backgrounds is still my weakness, but overall, I am very happy with how it turned out.

 " "Muri fin.png""

I would like to ask you a favor - if you like this particular art piece, please upvote it on Twitter too. (´ω`)

I learned about MuriNFT a week ago, and instantly fell in love with their aesthetic. I do have a soft spot for anime themed NFT projects, it's something that I would love to work on myself someday.

 " "Divider.png""

Now, a little bit about the creative progress!

I knew that I want to do an action scene, however, that's not something I draw often, so I looked for references, and found this absolutely gorgeous piece of art:

 " "search.png"" (You can check the original here)

I can only wish that someday I'll draw like that.

Studying other artists work is a great way to learn though! And so, I started sketching the general pose while referencing the image above.  " "Muri sketch.png"" Once I was happy with the general poses, I started adding in more details, creating the whole scene.

 "Muri sketch2.png"  "Muri sketch3.png"


Lineart and coloring!

I was trying to stay somewhat close stylistically to Muri pieces:


Thick black lines, and black shadows. Looking back, I regret not adding in more black for the shading, that way my piece would have felt more Muri-like. I might will revisit it and update it with more black color shading.


I love playing around with highlights. I always feel like they bring my pieces to life.

 "Muri progress.png"

 "Muri char.png"

Once finished with the coloring and background, I exported everything into photoshop, where I started playing around with color channels, giving a little bit of glitchy feeling to lights. The different is very subtle, but I really like it for the final render.



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¡Hi! a very special and colorful fanart. It is beautiful and still retains the essence of the original. congratulations. Thanks for sharing.


¡Maravilloso momento para crear!

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Wonderful time to create!

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Thank you for kind words! o(〃^▽^〃)o

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