Pale nun shoots blind [Dark country fanart piece]

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Dark country game is a card game - very simple premise, but executed well - it's atmospheric, from the creatures portrayed on the cards to game sound.
And while such dark tones and themes are not something that I work with, I wanted to try to draw a piece of fanart that would reflect that dark gothic feel nonetheless.
DC fanart cold.png

As you can see, I could not resist adding in some color to it - I wanted her to really pop out in this composition.

The original card design is very coherent, and the character seems to be part of the environment.

Initially I wanted to stay closer to the original, even going for vertical composition.
DC fanart sketch1.png
But I swiftly changed my mind.
DC fanart sketch3.png
I had so much fun painting the dress... it is still my favorite part of the whole piece.
dc progress1.png
I also tried to give her silver hair, but it clashed with Pale nun's youthful looks.
dc progress4.png


Putting this here for future reference that you're legit. :>

I sent you a message on Artstation, would appreciate it if you can confirm it's you :>
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