[Tokenized piece] Holographic Memoirs [OC]

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Greetings to whoever found their way onto my post.

A while back I shared a piece which was inspired by my high school doodles - it felt so nostalgic to go down the memory lane, that I decided to do whole series.

Thus, I started a collection on NFTshowroom called Holographic Memoirs. As you can probably tell, I'm going to continue the holographic clothing aesthetic - I feel like giving such pop/easy-going look to my mages and wizards is both fun to work on as well as fun to look at.

And so, the second piece to be born from this idea:
Lucy da Braso proper.png

Lucy da Braso, just like Ophela Tigerdrop, is studying magic, but unlike Ophela who studies Manifestation, Lucy studies Incantations. Both of the rascals have dueled each other more than once.

I hope that in the future I can do a proper compilation of my Skyttex OCs, and perhaps even write some short stories about their lives and adventures. However, for now, I just want to revisit my old designs, and improve them - after all, I've grown up, my characters should too.

If anyone's interested in the actual tokenized pieces:

Lucy da thumbnail.png