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RE: Chibi Character #3! Japanese Street Food Inspired Chibi!

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I was confused at first because should staff be accommodating? Haha. The people in the server were so freaking cold. In the back of my mind, "These people are ultra boring."

In defense to this hahah. Most of the time prior to everyone's arrival the server is just a ghost town with few names popping in and out. So we are kinda not sure if we will invest much on the emotional side ( takot iwan yarn)

So fast forward, as I stay longer on the server, I knew of Witty more. She is very helpful, smart, pretty, and funny too!

Witty da best talaga!

These images are cool Jiji! hopefully they will be minted na as NFT in Hive. Pag gumawa ka ng collection tapos via Hive ang bayad let me know hehe mag purchase din ako. ( kung mura)


Staff are scared of being ghosted, huh. 😆

Yeah, witty witz is the best!

I just checked the NFT showroom and I might mint there. I'm just looking here and there for now. For you I'll make it free, don't pay na lang haha.

Yeah so medyo iwas pa ang iba sa mga bago and less interaction talaga.

For you I'll make it free, don't pay na lang haha.

Wow shocks naman - gooww dyan.