Faces in the Dark

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Young children who are losing their sight sometime begin to see things. I would see faces in the dark myself; scary monster faces so terrifying that I slept with my parents until 3rd grade; and after that only with a light on.

This piece was created for a storybook I am dreaming up in my head. I am unsure how I will attempt to publish it. I was thinking since I don't have much of a name or social media presence I might shop around to publishers once I figure out how.

This is one of my first pieces created entirely on procreate; and the only one I wish to share so far. (other images were colored pencil drawings edited in procreate)

Here are some previous versions of the image that I saved; I like them all for different reasons hard to say which is best. They look different on different screens. They look really dark on my computer now.

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

Untitled_Artwork (2).jpg


Night Faces.jpg

Here is video of an earlier version https://www.instagram.com/p/CRok_GdAOWV/

And an earlier edit


I feel sometimes I lose something making an image more of an illustration; hard to know when to stop sometime. I might go back to an earlier version and rework it; but I am putting it aside for now while I work on other images.

If you read this far, which is your favorite version? Any suggestions?


I like the second one, it has an ethereal appeal to me, while I sometimes dream in full vivid color, most of my dreams are a washed out kind of color, no real sharpness. The child just appears more timid in the second one.

More appropriate for dreaming or seeing in the dark as she is yes. Wish I had entered that version in the contest when I think about it but the one thing I love about digital art is I still have it.

Third one gives it that scary nighttime feel.

I like that one as well. I find I can lighten it up well on Gimp. I will sit on it for a while.

Damn these are cool. Personally I'm drawn to the brighter versions. But they're all pretty sick :)

I love the "final" version, the cyan blanket adds so much depth (and it's my favorite color). It's also perfect how you split the image between the little girl and the (damn cool) monster part. Lovely piece 💕

That storybook would be awesome to reach. I have no doubt it would take one to the imaginary world.
Nice piece.