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RE: Chibi Character #3! Japanese Street Food Inspired Chibi!

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Hahahahaha! OMG What a snob you are, @wittyzell! Ayyy it’s me pala 😂😂
Weeee! Thank you for this @jijisaurart!! I really really like it! It’s so me (though my bf says otherwise 🥲)!
I really like the color of my hair here, soon, I’ll really make this color my hair. Actually getting there, but still looks black 😅

I’m officially chibi-fied by jiji!🥳

See you soon in Japan! Pakibilisan para mag meet na and gala of course! 😉

Andddd wait, there’s more!
Na repeat mo ung explanation sa hairstyle nyahaha!


Your bf just wants to tease you but in his eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Yiieee.

Haha, I already edited it, sankyu!

Bwahahaha 🤪🤢