Blue Ogre (It comes with a picture of plum as a bonus.) / 青鬼(梅の写真のおまけ付き) (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Blue Ogre"
Mixed Media,15.8x22.7cm,2021

I drew this and thought it looked like a blue ogre, so I titled it "Blue ogre". Speaking of Oni, next month, February 2 is Setsubun. Oh, you might think it's February 3. It's February 2 this year. If you try to apply 1 year to 24 sekki and operate regularly, errors will appear little by little in 1 year and there will be a gap. As a result, this year's first day of spring is February 3, and the day before that, February 2, is Setsubun. By the way, Setsubun is 2/2 and Risshun is 2/3 for the first time since Meiji 30 (1897) in 124 years.

Speaking of Setsubun, I thought it was just an event to throw beans with Oni out and Fuku in. However, after I came to Kyoto, I learned that it is a big event where festivals are held in many temples and shrines. There are stalls and many people. But I don't know what to do with the Corona disaster this year.

Today I will also upload a picture of plum blossoms. Surprisingly, the plum trees planted nearby had already bloomed. It was the first time that flowers were blooming so quickly since I moved 5 years ago.
The temperature is very low in Kyoto. Is it because there were many sunny days?







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