Children's Land / こどもの国 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Children's Land"
Mixed Media,31.8x41cm,2021

I used a new rubber band-like material here and there, imagining children's land, a place where children can play happily. This is a place where adults are not allowed to enter alone. I drew a place where children can play in a safe and relaxed manner and interact with their friends and family.

I am currently working on a painting that I received an order for, but the rainy season and continuous rainy weather is making it difficult to move forward. I'm trying to make good use of the time while preparing for the group exhibition and painting for my solo exhibition in the fall. It helps that I feel better than yesterday.

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Exhibition this summer
"Dohjidai Exhibition"
"Abstract Exhibition"
"Graphic Art exhibition" 2021.August




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