Human Power Generation / 人力発電 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Human Power Generation"
Mixed Media,14x18cm,2020

Three or four years ago, I became interested in generating electricity by myself. A charger with solar cells, a flashlight with a hand-driven generator, or a radio. In a familiar place, you can turn on the light by pedaling a bicycle. I also bought a wind power generation kit for about 500 yen, connected a windmill made of PET bottles and played with LED lights. You played a lot at that time. I remembered such a thing after a long time.

Now, I want a device that can generate electricity on foot. Kansai University is developing a friction generator that can generate electricity just by walking. I heard that a generator is built into shoes. Walking will be more fun if the performance of this generator improves.
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