I Feel Like I'm Going To Pop / 弾けそうな思い (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"I Feel Like I'm Going To Pop"
Mixed Media,22x27.3cm,2021

I believe that sometimes we need to be patient with our feelings of bounciness, and sometimes we need to let them bounce around to the fullest. This painting expresses such a bouncy feeling with vivid colors and traces of paint scattered on the screen as if jumping.

Today, the pile of art materials and materials I had ordered from the online shopping site was supposed to come, but I was told that it would be late, so I was painting in agony. It seems to have been raining heavily in the Tokai and Kanto regions, so I wonder if they are behind schedule.I heard that rivers are flooding in the San-in region today. It was raining here too today, though not heavy rain, and there were times when I was depressed. It was difficult to control my mind today, so I'll try again tomorrow.

Exhibition this summer
"Dohjidai Exhibition" https://www.dohjidai.com/gallery/exhibition/dohjidaiten/
"Abstract Exhibition" https://be-lab-gallery.com/gallery/abstract2021/
"Graphic Art exhibition" 2021.August http://www.recto.co.jp/verso/




「同時代展」 https://www.dohjidai.com/gallery/exhibition/dohjidaiten/
「抽象展」 https://be-lab-gallery.com/gallery/abstract2021/
Graphic Art exhibition 2021.August クリエイティブ表現の現在 http://www.recto.co.jp/verso/

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