It's a Perfect Day For Firefly / ほたる日和 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"It's a Perfect Day For Firefly"
Mixed Media,15.8x22.7cm,2021

At first, I wanted to draw a starry sky, but while I was drawing, I thought this fluffy spherical collection looked like a firefly, so I chose this title. I heard that fireflies are usually seen from the middle to the end of June in Kyoto, but this year, various natural events occur early, so you might be able to see fireflies early.

But I'm not sure if I can see it near my house. In the Arisu River that flows nearby, fireflies could be observed in the upper stream, but I heard that the water quality has improved in recent years, so you might be able to see them in the lower stream. But the light around my house is very dark, so it's scary to go out alone.




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