Like Sugar Confectionery / 砂糖菓子のように (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Like Sugar Confectionery"
Mixed Media,31.8x41cm,2021

Sugar confectionery is a general term for sweets made mainly from sugar, such as candy and kompeito, and Japanese confectionery shops in Japan produce sugar confectionery in a great variety of shapes and colors. In the past, there used to be various flavors of candy, wasanbon for its smoothness, and many other sugar confections. The title of this picture came from the fact that as I was drawing it, the colors and the materials pasted on it looked like sugar candy.

Exhibition this summer
"Graphic Art exhibition" 2021.August



Graphic Art exhibition 2021.August クリエイティブ表現の現在

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