My Medal of Honor / 私の勲章 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"My Medal of Honor"
Mixed Media,38x45.5cm,2021

Before you say, "I don't need a medal from my country," there is no way my country would give one to someone like me. I don't need a medal from my country. But I painted this picture because I wanted to give myself a medal. I have been denied, abused, ignored, and treated in many other ways. But if I treat myself that way, I'm finished. In order to praise myself at least, I made a medal.

A person who has always been good to me told me to go see an exhibition of a painter and do some research. He also told me to take more time to paint more carefully. I want to continue painting in that way, because I want to make good pictures too. Therefore, I will probably upload my pictures here less frequently, but I hope you will continue to support me.





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