Sweet and Sour / 甘酸っぱい (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Sweet and Sour"
Mixed Media,38x45.5cm,2021

I imagined something sweet and sour like plum, pickled plum, apple and plum. Sweet and sour taste or fragrance. I imagined Ume in particular.

Speaking of plum blossoms, some famous places in Kyoto have plum blossoms blooming and some of them are at their best early. There are more and more photos of Japanese plum posted on Twitter. Today in Kyoto, it is sunny and the highest temperature is 13.1 degrees Celsius, so I feel spring is approaching.

It seems that this warmth will last until the weekend, so I was thinking of going to a plum grove sketch in the near future, so I prepared a sketchbook and portable paints while cleaning today. I'm still wondering where to go, but I can manage it even if I decide on the day.





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