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The original Gif is bigger but for some reason #Peakd when uploading it was not seen so I had to reduce it a bit.

Very good weekend dear Hivers!!!

I was going to publish yesterday but between the problems in electricity and the Internet I did not have a chance… I am happy because yesterday was my first time, yes, the first time I tokenized one of my works through the #NFT and thanks to the team from @NFTShowroom who allowed me to do it.

My intention was to create my first #NFT a few days ago but my laptop gets worse every day, before, I could make videos while creating my jobs, now I can't do that apart from nowhere it damages PSD files making me lose hours of work And to complete a few days ago when I went to render my #Gif, Photoshop was stuck and after many minutes it gave me an error when saving the #Gif… that's why I must gather as much as I can to buy a laptop or More powerful PC that allows me to work without so many problems.

For my first #NFT I wanted to start by creating a very personal series that I gave the name Midnight Dreams in which I will try to create art based on my dreams, in my publication I talked a little about the problems that I have been facing bedtime for a while, I do everything to avoid it but tiredness always beats me and everything happens when I sleep… mostly bad things, well, because of the madness of my dreams I think they are bad things, but maybe it is something else, I don't know. I try to stay up late at night drawing and most of the time when I feel very sleepy I go and dedicate myself to playing #Splinterlands until very late but there always comes a time when I can't stand it and I fall asleep… if they don't believe me they can go to and you will see the time I spend playing until, I come back and repeat, I can't stand it and I fall asleep.

But well, the truth is that I am very happy for my first #NFT and a few hours ago my joy increased even more when I saw that of the 3 editions of my work I had already sold 2, I looked to know who to thank for the purchase but not I know where you can see who buys your art and no matter how much I search I did not find anything, hehehehehe but nothing… thank you very much to those two people who bought my art, I thank them very, very much. ;)

I leave the link of my work if you want to support me even more and buy the latest edition that is available:

That's all for today, happy afternoon to all and thank you very much for supporting me, see you very soon!!! <3 <3 <3



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What a fabulous painting. Very beautiful.

Greetings dear Max, thank you very much for your nice words of support. ;)

!discovery 20

Thank you very much @phage93 for your support. <3 <3 <3

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Thank you very much!!! ;)

I wish you good luck on selling your NFTs my dear yanes.
You kick asses on painting!!