Wow! Great photoshop skills! I love that you show the process. 💯 And the final image is so evocative, it just screams to be made into a story. It gives me these "Fantasy Book Cover" vibes, for sure. 👏👏

thanks for support and love :)

I was checking your business on all plateforms. I didn't found about hive in any place. Maybe I didn't looked closely but can you please direct me to places where you mention your or something similar? You do have a website, email, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, and everything is mentioned everywhere then why not hive too? I would appreciate if you give me logical reason or add hive to your set of marketing links.

(Correct me if you mention somewhere most of the times and I just didn't looked carefully. If you got anyone from web2 and they find it difficult to make account, let me know I will help make accounts for them.)

@dlmmqb add hive account on my channel. thanks for your valuable time to correct me.

@ykdesign you are a bridge of web2 and web3 content creators (a unique figure in hive). Every hiver is an individual, I personally prefer that people join web3 hive from your web2 network.

It is not hurting them in any way. They will just share here and it will make their content immutable while giving them $. Sounds like a win-win situation. I can create accounts if you need them for your web2 friends.

I will be looking forward to your efforts trying to promote hive from your reach. I appreciate you added hive in your utube bio. More people here means more HP and upvotes for your too. :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 151 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

wow amazing, I wish I have that skills in photoshop too..😥

thanks for your support and love

Final effect looks really amazing. I like the way you managed to combine all the elements. Just like magic :)

glad you like it

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