Sunkissed teddy bear | Art

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sunkissed teddy bear.jpg

It's been 84 years since I did those no line art kind of drawing.

I not really good at doing realistic or semi-realistic art to be honest haha, but it's good to let myself get off from line art and explore.
So I start with a simple teddy bear as a warm up. X)

Trying my best to not be a perfectionist and just focus on the reference and the important points in painting the sunkissed effect.

~ The process ~

sunkissed teddy bear1.jpg
Basic colours and shadow
sunkissed teddy bear2.jpg
Splash the sunlight
sunkissed teddy bear3.jpg
Deeper darker shadows
sunkissed teddy bear4.jpg
Some background colours
sunkissed teddy bear5.jpg
Shadows between the bear and the wall
sunkissed teddy bear6.jpg
Some light colour bouncing of from the background on to the character, add face features
sunkissed teddy bear8.jpg
The final!
sunkissed teddy bear.jpg
Some reference I use.

Thank you for reading!
Hope you have a nice day! ❤️


OMG! It is really beautiful! I love the shade you gave it, the overall result I love. 👉👈 😍

awww thank you! ❤️