Digital Sketch Without My Stylus Pen

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Don't tell my pastor I sketched this in church 😂😂🤣🤣
Yes, I actually made this sketch in church after the sermon.
I was bored sitting there so I tried sketching and to think I did this with my hands without my stylus pen this time since I didn't carry my stylus pen to the church. I had no idea I was gonna sketch there so I didn't take it with me.
Turns out I could still sketch with my hands without a pen.

I had trouble again choosing a suitable background for the sketch. I kept the work until when I got home to settle and select different colors to see which one matches well or better.

With the help of my friend, I was able to choose this one which we thought looked better than the rest I earlier selected.
So here is my sketch work for today. I always appreciate you guys telling me what you think of my work.
I've got a few steps and work process below for you guys to check out how I started and ended.

Work Process







Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

            23 January 2022



I'm definitely telling your pastor.😀.

You've got this. Keep doing what you know how to do best.

On a lighter note, maybe the angels in the church, aided you, that's why it came out so well even without the stylus pen.

Sure! Will keep doing just that.
Thanks for stopping by!

You're welcome

This is excellent! I didn't know you could sketch 🙌

Oh yes I do sketch. thanks