"Almere Poort Sandy Beach" | Netherlands - Our Weekend

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The Netherlands is not only popular for Amsterdam and its lovely Canals but also this country is popular for its beautiful greenery, vegetation, flowers, and beach. Normally on weekend I usually work, I often have an 8-hour shift during the weekend so I don't have time to do other things or activities, unfortunately. After a long shift at work, I come home and fall asleep. Saturday and Sunday, I often have to do work so I can't go anywhere. But today was different, exceptional because I managed some time to go to the beach with my dog. The weather was nice, summer and warm weather. I am still not habituated to Holland weather and my body is still struggling to adjust to this weather. Often rain occurs in Almere and a sunny day represents a blessing day here.

Before talking about the day, I wanna say that MarieHelen's dog died. She was young, only 3 years old and unfortunately she had to put Nera to sleep because Nera (her dog) was suffering a lot. The worst part is doctors couldn't figure out what exactly happened to Nera and after spending 3000 euros, Nera didn't recover at all. At one point she completely stopped eating. Anyway, MarieHelen tried a lot to save her and it was the time she was forced to say her dog goodbye and let her go. MarieHelen is completely sad, broken, and empty nowadays. I can understand her feeling properly because I know how it feels to lose your beloved ones.

Anyway, to cheer MarieHelen, we decided to go to the beach in Almere. I have never been to a beach in the Netherlands before so this was an experience. Besides, this beach was especially for dogs so I thought it would be a great day for Gigi too...



I had an 8-hour shift in the morning so I was not so sure whether I am gonna be able to go to the beach after work or not because I feel tired usually. But thinking about Marie, I decided to go to the beach with her. Marie arranged everything for us, she even came to pick me and Gigi up from the shelter for the beach.

I am still not familiar with the Almere city, history says this city is only 50 years old and this Almere Poort part is the new extension of Almere Stad. Marie arranged a little picnic day for us near the beach. The beach is not a coastal beach, it is a huge lake beach which is near Amsterdam. Marie said that this lake has divided Almere from being part of Amsterdam.



Marie's plan was to arrange a small picnic day with me and my dog so she got us food and everything so that we can enjoy the beach day and relax a bit.

Gigi was so happy after all she saw water. She loves running and playing so when she was there, she spent her entire day in the water and playing on the beach. She also made some friends too though still, she is not friendly with other dogs and too friendly with human beings.



I put Gigi on a dog leash the whole time because when I off-leashed her for some time, she ran away and didn't come back. She was busy with other humans. I called her several times but she completely ignored my call and was busy doing her own business. She was never been to the beach before and this is her first experience of walking on the beach so I can understand her excitement. And as I am new so I decided to keep her on a 10M longer leash. I got this leash from Poland and thanks to @polish.hive for suggesting to me this 10M longer leash.


Look how much happy she was today...




I have managed to take some photos of her because it was hard to take photos of Gigi. She was super excited and happy. So, I didn't disturb her and let her do her job with a leash of course.


We met an American shepherd also... a Very beautiful dog...


The weather was warm and the water was a little bit warm also so it was okay for Gigi to swim in the lake. The lake water was surprisingly sweet.

Today was the weekend so many people were there with their dogs. Nearby there is another beach where dogs are not allowed so we stayed on the dog beach. We ate some snacks and came back home after spending 3 hours on the beach. We walked a lot and enjoyed the sandy beach and the sun. It was a lovely day...

I am happy that everybody loves Gigi and gives her so much love and affection... I am happy for her...She got a good life...



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer, and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Sorry to hear about your friend's dog. Sometimes I grieve more for pets than I do humans.

Gigi is living her best life! ❤

I am so happy to see that Gigi is happy. Gigi used to play with Nera whenever she met her because Nera was a quiet dog and was not aggressive at all. The great fact was, that they both looked similar, only the color differences. Nera was a black dog and was a really cute dog.

Sometimes I grieve more for pets than I do humans.

Me too...

Gigi looks so happy there with all the water and sand. I think the "change of scenery" did as much good for her as it probably did for you! 😊

It was her first experience and I must admit, she enjoyed it a lot. She was super active and after coming home, she fell asleep.

I think the "change of scenery" did as much good for her as it probably did for you.

This type of location is much needed for my mental situation and helps me boost my energy. I enjoyed my day too...

Thanks my dear...

That first pic of Gigi is brilliant! She is soooo gorgeous ❤️

What a huge adjustment and you're doing so well Priya. Keep strong and be as happy as you can you can.

Enjoy the weekend and as always, best wishes to you :-)

The first picture was a sudden photo and it really turned out good. I did some color correction as well and I think it is a nice memorable photo of Gigi.

What a huge adjustment and you're doing so well Priya. Keep strong and be as happy as you can you can.

I am trying my best and so far all is well, I am safe and I can sleep at night without stress. At least here I am not scared of my life though I started from zero here...

Thanks for always staying by my side...

"Anyway, MarieHelen tried a lot to save her and it was the time she was forced to say her dog goodbye and let her go."
Sad to read it
This is a nice post by you,especially it is interesting to know about Gigi, she is looking gorgeous when enjoying in water.

Gigi is a labrador and she loves water. She is a very young dog...

Thanks a lot for the compliment, Gigi say's hi to you :D

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Hi friend @priyanarc that walk on the beach was a great experience for both of you. Wow, Gigi looks anxious with the leash, I can imagine her excitement. It's good that you have these experiences, you get to relax and Gigi too. Sorry to hear the bad news about your friend's dog, it's very sad.

Without a leash, unfortunately, it's very hard for me to control Gigi. I couldn't train her properly and I guess this time I will try to train her properly and will teach her slowly everything...

Hello @priyanarc sir I think the dog is a lot of hunters you are building with a lot of training. A dog is an animal that can behave like a human in human contact only with training. I hear a lot of dogs sniffing and telling where there are illegal weapons and where the enemy is hiding.

Exactly, thanks a lot for stopping by...

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Thank you so much @livinguktaiwan, really appreciate it...

Hi, how good that you have a reliable friend.