SteemLookUp needs your support

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What is SteemLookUp?

SteemLookUp is a powerful filtering app for Steem, that has been very useful for curators. It greatly improves discoverability for curators, with very granular controls to find exactly the type of post you are looking for. Released in May 2018 as part of Curie's development initiative, SteemLookUp collected over 1,000 unique users and processed 70,000 posts. As activity among curators on Steem has waned away, SteemLookUp currently has small but dedicated active userbase and processes 3,000 posts per day.

For an in-depth review of SteemLookUp's various features, please see @hiddenblade's excellent post on the app, as well as @daan's review and how to fight abuse using SLU.

SteemLookUp's entire development and subsequent maintenance and server costs were funded by Curie's witness funds.

SteemLookUp needs support!

Through the tumultuous split between Steem and Hive, Curie has lost all significant delegation and top 20 witness position. Curie's plans were to fund the development of a Hive version of SteemLookUp and continue paying for the servers. However, Curie can no longer afford to foot these bills.

As with all of Curie's development initiatives, SteemLookUp was mandated to be open-sourced for exactly these situations.

You can find the full source code to SteemLookUp here -

How can you help?

We are looking for developers, fellow top witnesses, and other entrepreneurs on Hive to take this project forward. Our goal is to see SteemLookUp continue to live on Hive and provide a powerful tool for all curators.

If you need any help from us, please feel free to contact me/us on Discord.

svemirac#8984 or curie discord group


SLU has been an essential app for me, personally. I can't imagine curating without it. I really hope someone will keep it alive and continue developing it, all curators of Hive will appreciate it greatly.

We would gladly support and perhaps help with Hive migration. What is the server requirements? I will have a look into source code and see if we can host Hive version of it.

I can't help with development but I can help with hosting steemlookup on one of my servers.
Just need more information.

what about a proposal to fund it?

SLU needs some TLC 🙂. Here to help and possibly monetize the project. Please contact me at donald.porter#0544 on Discord

Agreed I loved using it to curate for the weekly @pifc I do think a little monetisation wouldn't hurt too this could be through ads, donation option, delegation requests, voting trails or even using it as a bounty or competition tool