REMINDER, Chess Brothers League Season 4 "Play chess and stay fit" - Announcement of Round 3


Hello chess fans!

Round 2 has been played and we had some interesting surprises. To see the leaderboard and some outstanding positions please visit our weekly report.

All the information of this new season can be found here.

As we explained in the conditions the account @playchess has been created to keep track of the rewards. We greatly appreciate your support by setting this account as a beneficiary in the posts related to the league.

Announcement and Rules of Round 3

This Sunday May 22th we will start round 3 at the usual time!

1. It will take place on

  1. Join the Chess Brothers team.
  2. Date and time: Sunday, May 22 at 19 GMT.
  3. Format and time control: Chess960 Arena 5+1
  4. The scoring system is the Lighteye system. Please take a look at this post to see all the details about it.
  5. Join the tournament now!

Tournament LINK

As always, we extend our invitation to the following players:
@aakrist, @abimbola753, @agreste, @alan8a, @alberto0607, @alberto0607, @alexmag1988, @almightymelon, @ambarvegas, @amirl, @anli, @anomadsoul, @apy, @arsenal49, @behiver, @bitsignal, @burnoutawesome, @cerati, @chacald.dcymt, @chesthetica, @cocacolaron, @cryptoniusraptor, @cryptoph0823, @darruiz, @diegofitness92, @digitalis, @ebingo, @eenriquerivas, @eliaschess333, @elprofe62, @emic, @eniolw, @evgsk, @fjcr, @flaws, @foxconnmars, @franciscomarval, @gabotask, @giacomone, @gingerbyna, @gravitcaper, @heimindanger, @hierro21, @hirohurl, @hive-129589, @iceblue, @iobates, @jaki01, @jkms, @johannesboldt, @juanmi96, @kintokris, @kreur, @lighteye, @lucianosky, @maciejficek, @manncpt, @manuel6, @marcusantoniu26, @masterswatch, @maverieux000, @meedo, @mrsarri, @mstafford, @nerdvana, @nftland1989, @orlanzavala, @oshiokhenhoya, @pamboy27, @parung76, @pereu4ivatel, @perpz, @petreius, @rafaelaquino, @renerondon, @rexplanet, @rodrook, @ropavejero, @rosmarly, @samostically, @sawko, @schamangerbert, @soluce07, @spacetoon, @stayoutoftherz, @the01crow, @tony1294, @tungphong, @uliseshb, @vasigo, @vjap55, @walner, @wildthougts, @xoflox, @yazp, @zacherybinx, @ziabutt3836

⚠️ Note: If you want to be included in this list, let us know in the comments and if, on the contrary, you don't want to be mentioned, you can let us know and we will remove you from it.

If you want to learn more about the CHESS BROTHERS Project, we invite you to take a look at our blog on Hive (@chessbrotherspro), our website and other social media spaces. You are welcome to work collaboratively with us by joining our curation trail.



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I am in! Please include me in notification list: @stranger27

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 last month  

For sure! Thanks for participating !PIZZA

Round fineshed...i have 3 wins but only 4th points! Why?((

 last month  

Oh I'm just checking the final results and you had two victories. Probably you won the last game but the tournament was already finished. That's sad but it happens !PIZZA

Yeah...thats really sad))

 last month  

I've been there before ☹️ yeah. Keep playing it will be better next time


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