Easy Chess Tips: Problem 1 - What is White's Best Move?

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This is the first in a series of short videos that I've started making for a group of my Japanese college students who are studying English, and who, with some prompting from me, have recently taken up chess. I post the problem to our Line group and then a day or two later I post a video that goes through the problem in what I hope is an easy--to-understand way.

Here's Problem 1:

What is White's Best Move?


If you prefer, you can also check it out on LBRY:


The screenshot was made on Gameknot.com. Check out Gameknot and play for FREE at: https://gameknot.com/#hirohurl (Search for "hirohurl" when you join, and challenge me to a game!)

The video was made using the analysis board at https://lichess.org/


100 Chess Problems for the Rest of Us, by T. E. Klemm, available on Amazon Kindle.

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