S15R02 Blitz Chess Thematic Tournament Saturday 09 October: The winner is: @pamboy27

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B00 Nimzowitsch Defense

Season 15 Round 2 was the 186th edition, it was played with 16 players!

(2 of them were not registered)

Staffel 15 Runde 2 war die 186. Ausgabe, sie wurde mit 16 Spielern gespielt!

(2 davon waren nicht registriert)



Due to the excellent preparation from @eniolw, the defense of Nimzowitsch was on the program today. After e4 comes the dubious move knight to c6. With this, Black puts the battle for the center in White's hands and relies on tricks and greater experience. In addition to @jaki01, there are also many black games in this opening from @samostically. But since almost no one was able to benefit from the previous analysis, the games won by black and white were tied with 46 and 47 percent respectively and the theoretical advantage of white could not be used.

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Die hervorragende Vorbereitung von @eniolw stand heute die Verteidigung von Nimzowitsch auf dem Programm. Nach e4 folgt der dubiose Zug Springer nach c6. Damit gibt Schwarz den Kampf ums Zentrum in die Hände von Weiß und verlässt sich auf Tricks und die größere Erfahrung. Neben @jaki01 sind auch bei @samostically viele Schwarze Spiele in dieser Eröffnung. Da aber scheinbar fast niemand von der vorherigen Analyse profitieren konnte waren die gewonnen Spiele von Schwarz und Weiß mit 46 bzw 47 Prozent gleichauf und der theoretische Vorteil von Weiß konnte nicht genutzt werden.

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Rules and link to tournament

Season 15: 02 October to 25 December 2021 / Standings after Round 2:


Not registered and counted:

walner03 Da_k1ng

Points are given for 1. (10) 2. (8) 3. (6) 4. (5) 5. (4) 6. (3) 7. (2) 8. (1)

Final result season 1 link Chess King: @stayoutoftherz
Final result season 2 link Chess King: @ape-5th
Final result season 3 link Chess King: @samostically
Final result season 4 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 5 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 6 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 7 link Chess King: @foxconnmars
Final result season 8 link Chess King: @renerondon
Final result season 9 link Chess King: @renerondon
Final result season 10 link Chess King: @stayoutoftherz
Final result season 11 link Chess King: @stayoutoftherz
Final result season 12 link Chess King: @yazp
Final result season 13 link Chess King: @yazp
Final result season 14 link Chess King: @maverieux000


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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        Schaman Gerbert        


Next week's topic is:

Old Benoni Defence with 2. d5

  1. d4 c5 2. d5

Analysis: https://hive.blog/hive-157286/@eniolw/jabdcsap

Great Job as usual sir. How do we know what opening position we are playing next? And I will be creating a HiveChess Study on Lichess from interesting games from every tournament. Did you see the game between vjap55 and stayoutoftherz? I really loved it.

Yeah, nice idea. I could go over that game. I need time.

Look up the first comment :) Thanks for reminding me to put it out earlier that 1 hour to the tournament.

I love this idea of playing thematic tournaments! On the results, it's difficult to prove an advantage in blitz and bullet, especially when people can berserk because they want to win at all cost. Also the number of games isn't as significant from a statistical point of view. But it's definitely an interesting way to play and practice. Keep it up!

I enjoyed our games especially the one i won. We transposed to my favourite line,The Scotch gambit. In which you chose Ne6 instead of the common Ne4... only theme opening can give me a chance to play you😄

I forgot the theory! I lost like that in the past very badly, like 15 years ago or something. I remembered the right move after it was too late.

Oh nooo, hab' ich Schlafmütze etwa das Nimzowitsch-Thematurnier verpasst? Schande! :-)

Lol, you did. Herby wanted us to practice against your weapon, lol.

Awesome it was great playing again although I was on the street in that moment lol your tournaments, this idea of a thematiic rounds are quite interesting I'm so into that mindset and I am looking forward to play more of them.

Excellent...ready for action!

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