Playing the Super Crypto Chess League!

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Merry Christmas chess friends!

Today we had a very interesting bullet tournament organized by our host @schamangerbert. I had not participated in the previous tournaments but today I was able to participate and had a lot of fun in this one.

The results can be found here


I hope you are having happy holidays and have a beautiful new year. Best wishes and see you in the next time!.

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Second place, not bad
Congratulations!!! Good that you were able to participate.

 3 months ago  

Yeah it was kind of relaxing to play a few games 🔥. Thanks for stopping by. Mary Christmas 🎄🎁

extra 5 points for this stream

 3 months ago  

Oh thanks 😎

In a normal world you should have claimed them, but I am in a good mood today and gave it to you anyway :)

 3 months ago  

Hahahaha thanks. I will try to record today, the thing is I have been too busy ;)

Your time management is somehow strange :)